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Author's profile photo Aaron Patkau

Configuring the Web IDE for Streaming Analytics

The Web IDE for SAP HANA is a great tool for developing streaming projects, and is continuously getting updated with new and improved features. Because new streaming functionality is no longer being added to studio, it’s important to get Web IDE set up so that you can continue to benefit from these enhancements.

In a new installation of streaming analytics, there are a few additional things you need to set up before you can start working with projects in the Web IDE.

Streaming Service Broker

To start, you’ll need to configure the streaming service broker, which connects streaming servers to XSA spaces. This connection requires a technical user, so the first step is to create that user on the system database and assign it the CATALOG READ and CREATE SCHEMA privileges. You can do this through Cockpit, or through a SQL console using the following statements:




After creating the user, there’s one more SQL statement to execute, which grants the user several object privileges it needs so it can be used with the broker:


Now that the user has the right privileges, the next step is to configure the broker. In the XS Advanced Cockpit, select More… and open the Service Broker Configuration link:

On the HANA System Provisioning tab, select Edit and enter the credentials for your service broker user:

Then, on the Streaming Service Provisioning tab, select Register and enter your streaming cluster manager password:

Once the registration process completes, the streaming service broker is configured and ready to go.

User Permissions

In addition to the normal roles required for working in the Web IDE, users who will be working with streaming projects need a role to access to the streaming run-time tool.

In the XS Advanced Cockpit, go to Security -> Role Collections, then either create a new role collection or edit an existing one.

In your collection, add a new role. For Application Identifier select com-sap-xsa-sds-rtt!i1, and for Role Template and Role, select xsa_sds_rtt_developer_template:

If you make a new role collection for this, you’ll need to assign it to any users that will be working with streaming in the Web IDE. Select User Management, then assign the new collection to them:

First Time Setup for Users

To start working with streaming projects, the next time your users connect to the Web IDE they will need to enable two features: the first allows you to add streaming modules to an MTA and the second adds a link to the streaming runtime tool in the Tools menu.

With that, your users are ready to start making streaming projects. For more information about working with streaming projects in the Web IDE, check out the SAP HANA Streaming Analytics Developer Guide.

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      Author's profile photo Muhammad Ilyas
      Muhammad Ilyas

      After creating user, grant scripts running on all databases. service broker page showing following error. I can’t figure out what went wrong with streamingserver on hana express 2.0 sps03.

      Author's profile photo Robert Waywell
      Robert Waywell

      Hi Muhammad,


      There is an issue with HANA 2.0 SPS 03 revision 033 which the current HXE release is based on. This is addressed in revision 034 and will be included in the next HXE release. Note that revision 34 is available now for full HANA streaming analytics installs.


      To continue working with the current HXE release, HANA Studio is available.




      Author's profile photo Muhammad Ilyas
      Muhammad Ilyas

      Thanks Robert for clarifying the issue. I have download platform edition rev34 from swdc but can't find streaming analytics module patches. I would be thankful if you can post link. I didn't install it yet, but if I can't find it streaming analytics for rev34 I won't go for it.

      As of now, I can't use webide for streaming projects in my HXE instance.

      Author's profile photo Robert Waywell
      Robert Waywell

      Try searching for the SDS200034_0-80002049.SAR directly. That is the Rev 034 file name.


      If you are navigating alphabetically then you want to navigate to


      Author's profile photo Rubane s
      Rubane s

      Hi Aron,


      I’m getting below error in SAP web ide..any help pls?


      It say extension error:

      Failed to load metadata for Plugin https://hxehost:51057/client/v2.4.5_1567666230307/plugin/editor/multieditor/plugin.json! Reason: error error