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Tips for navigating the new SAP Tutorials

We’ve made some big changes to the SAP Tutorials, so let me show you some tips for navigating through the tutorials. Check it all out in the Tutorial Navigator.

Tutorial Navigator

You can filter by

  • Topics
  • SAP products
  • Difficulty level
  • Missions, groups, and tutorials

Soon we may add filters to view recent tutorials, or missions less than 2 hours, or by certain authors, or highest rated, or by most popular.

The tile color indicates whether it is a mission, group or tutorial.

You can see:

  • Level (e.g, beginner)
  • Estimated time to complete
  • Number of tutorials (if group or mission)
  • Primary tag
  • Whether the tutorial is new (currently that means written in the last 60 days)

The icon — for groups and missions — indicates the topic or product. And a colorized icon with a gray background indicates you will get a badge if you complete this mission.

All roads lead (eventually) to the Navigator

You may come across something but decide its not for you, so you’ll want to get back to the navigator.

  • You can always use the menu at the top of the page. Click Tutorials or Search All Tutorials to go to the Navigator. Missions and Groups also get you back to the Navigator, but filtered to show only missions or groups.

  • You can also use the second-level Developer menu.

  • On any tutorial/group/mission tile — either in the Navigator or on a topic page — you can click on the primary tag and go back to the Navigator, filtered by that tag.

  • There is a link back to the Navigator on every tutorial …

… every group …

… and every mission.

  • And you can click any tag in any mission/group/tutorial to go back to the Navigator and see all items for that tag.

Navigating within mission/groups

When working on a group or mission of tutorials, you will be able to go back to the group or mission with the breadcrumb.

Click Mission to go back to the mission, click Group to go back to the group.

When you finish a tutorial within a group, you will get the next tutorial to do in the Next Steps area.

You will also see a way to navigate to all the groups and missions that contain the current tutorial.

Navigating within tutorials

Go between steps either from the bubbles at the top of the tutorial …

… or with the side menu.

If a step has </> next to it, it means the step has a code snippet. You can click on the link to navigate to that step (and see the snippet), or go to the Code Snippets tab to see all the code snippets in the tutorial.

We have many improvements on the way, both in the formatting, the navigation, and the content itself.

COMMENT BELOW on what you like about the current tutorials, and what you’d like to see.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      How can i reflect an increase in the percetange indicator (%) when doing the tutorial? Searched the page but haven't found any way to track changes.

      Author's profile photo Daniel Wroblewski
      Daniel Wroblewski
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Alejandro,

      All new tutorials have validation, meaning you get a blue button after each step to indicate you have completed that step, which then changes how much you have done. Unfortunately, not all tutorials have these buttons, but we are working on it.


      Again all new ones have this feature, so check out any mission, most groups, and any tutorial with a NEW flag.

      Let me know if this answers your questions.