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SAP Analytics Cloud – Story Filter, Page Filter, Chart Filter, Table Filter, …..(all about filtering – Part 3)

In the previous articles we looked at the options to use Story Filter, Page Filter, and Widget Level filters. This time we will add the option to restrict the data set also by using a Measure based filter in combination with the Story Filter and Page Filter.


A Measure based filter allows you to define a filter by selecting the measure, as well as the dimensions that are being used as context for the measure aggregation.


So lets create a very simple example.

We start with the same data set we used previously and we create a a table, which shows the margin Gross Margin broken down by Store and Year.


Our first filter will be a Story Filter based on the Location and as default values we are going to select all members of dimension Location.


As our second filter we are going to add a Page Filter based on dimension Sales Manager.


And as our last filter we are adding a measure based filter, based on Gross Margin.


When you create the measure based filter, you can define the operator – such as Greater Than or Between – and you can define the Dimension Context.

In our example we defined the Dimension Context with Store and Year and we configured the default filter with “Gross Margin greater than 500.000”.

This means that we will only see stores in the table (ignoring the other filter values for a second), that have a Gross Margin > 500.000 in any of the years – not for the aggregated value across all years.


Above is a small extract from the data set. If we now apply the Measure based filter for Gross Margin (per Store per year) > 500.000, then we will receive these stores / years:


  • Deckers Food Center
  • Conoco Food Stop
  • Joes Market
  • Family Foods Mart
  • McLeods


You can see that all of the stores above have at least one year that matches the filter values.


if we were to change the filter value to 750.000, then we would receive the following stores:


  • Deckers Food Center
  • Family Foods Mart


Please note, if you would want to filter the stores that have a Gross Margin greater than 500.000 across all years and all other dimensions, all you would have to do is to choose Store as the only dimension in the dimension Context of the measure based filter.


Now our story hasĀ  Story Filter for Location, a Page Filter for the Sales Manager, and a Page Filter for measure Gross Margin.

In the Controls panel you can see the “order” of filtering.


  • First the data is being filtered based on the Location, in this example Los Angeles
  • Second the Page Filters are applied
    • Dimension Sales Manager
    • Measure Filter for Gross Margin with dimension Context Store & Year.


In case you plan to combine your filter with a measure based filter as well, please keep in mind that the measure based filter leverages the Dimension Context for filtering.


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