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Leveraging SAP C/4HANA to be the best run business

Leveraging SAP C/4HANA to be the best run business

Do your customers demand more out of their entire experience with you? Are they more reliant on digital channels for their purchase? Do they expect instantaneous responses and access to information? Welcome to the new age of CRM! While the focus of traditional CRM had historically been to collect and manage customer data, new age customers demand substantially more. With contact points between a customer and an organization exploding in number, the digital strategy of organizations need to be radically altered. The sales driven approach of traditional CRM must give way to an interaction driven approach where sales and customer loyalty is a by-product. Internal metrics such as call volume need to be augmented with a deep understanding of customer perception and purchase decisions. Finally, with the advent of real time analytics, a new dimension has presented itself which may very well be the key to acquiring and retaining customers. This is where the 4th Gen CRM SAP C/4 HANA Suite comes in. Powered by AI and ML technologies, it allows you to deliver a rich customized and consistent user experience to your customers.

We’ll start by exploring data migration capabilities as it is the central driver of any CRM system. Preexisting data is a veritable goldmine of information and as such it is critical for any solution to be robust and capable enough to import and process existing data. We will also look at real time data and associated capabilities of the suite to exchange data with the real world. We will see how the cloud based system is future ready with apps, microservices and continuous upgrades. Next, we will consider the realm of social media which is a great influencer of our time. Finally, we will delve into the premise of intelligent organization powered by SAP’s Leonardo platform.

Are you worried about data migration and accessing real time data? Your search ends here. The SAP CRM suite or C/4 HANA suite is a one stop solution for all your CRM data needs. No matter how diverse your landscape is, the suite has a rapidly deployable solution. Connecting to other systems is a breeze with the Cloud Platform Integration (CPI, earlier known as HCI) solution. With connectivity support for IDoc, SFTP, SOAP/HTTPS, SuccessFactors, OData, and security features like certificate based communication or encryption available out of the box, you can forget your integration woes. You have options like flat file uploads or API connections available to help you out. At the backend you will have the full power of the in-memory HANA platform to manage and manipulate vast amounts of data at blazing fast speeds. features a comprehensive inbuilt data integration solution. Using an entity named mashups, you can securely integrate data from SAPs cloud with data from online web services or applications. Some examples include but are not limited to web searches or online map searches. A list of preconfigured mashups and mashup web services is provided in Appendix 1. Apart from the preconfigured mashups, the administrator can create their own mashups too. Appendix 2 lists the four different types of mashups available.

Worried about the latest capabilities and trends in the digital space? Since the entire suite is delivered in the SaaS model, you can rest assured that your C/4 HANA solution will always be up to date, secure and equipped with the latest features; be it analytics, AI, ML or IoT. As per the SAP Golden Guide “The ultrascalable microservices architecture allows millions of upgrades a year.” Hence you are always up to date with the latest features. On top of this there is the SAP App Center, hosting 1500 enterprise grade apps which provide you real-time access to innovative solutions, microservices and plugins to extend your SAP solution. An example is Sprinklr which enables you to monitor, analyze and react to conversations on social channels. Another example is Mirakl which allows you to use your ecommerce site as a marketplace for third party sellers. You can simply enhance your product portfolio without the hassle of carrying inventory or worrying about logistics thus lowering overheads and creating a one stop shop for all your consumers. There are many more such examples of ready-made solutions in the app center . Each one of this growing family of apps allows you to transform your business with proven applications at your own pace. From business card scanners to PoS solutions, from simple analytics to IoT capable apps, you are all set to lead at the forefront of digital revolution.

Perhaps the most potent tool in SAPs arsenal for the new age customer is the integration of social media profiles and associated analytics. To start with, you can migrate key information from your user’s social media profiles and integrate it with existing customer information to get a better insight into customer preferences. This allows you to have a 360-degree view of your customer and since all customer information resides in one place, managing permissions becomes a whole lot easier. You can use all this information to customize your products and services for each individual customer. At the same time your customers can rest assured that their data is safe with SAPs customer data cloud using SAP Customer Identity. You can run a Facebook campaign or a Google AdWords campaign right from within the suite.

Once you have all customer data integrated across social platforms, do you want to know what your customers are thinking? Or maybe you want to know how your product or service is being perceived in the market. Enter social media monitoring from SAP. The suite tools allow you to identify product mention, trends and buzz. It can also detect customer sentiment using sentiment analysis. With sentiment analysis, you can easily understand the pain points and at the same time reinforce what you’re doing right.

Now that you have the trends at your disposal it’s time to be responsive to customers. The suite allows you to route, view and prioritize messages from multiple Twitter or Facebook channels. Not only that but message tagging and response is inbuilt too! Since the tools allows you to capture the complete social history of your customers’ interactions with social media, you can determine the influence they exert to respond and prioritize efficiently. Machine Learning capabilities augment your responses to individual customers to deliver the best personalized experience.

After all you have done right, do your marketing campaigns appear successful but sales won’t catch up? Say hello to the customer journey map. It is a powerful tool that can visualize interactions with all your touch points during the customer journey. You can quickly ascertain where you lost customers in your marketing campaign, create target groups for further action or modify your campaign itself. The ability to create target groups from within the journey maps itself, allows you to personalize your marketing strategy for each group separately. Although the tool is computationally intensive, the underlying HANA platform makes analyzing millions of data points a breeze.

A sample customer journey map

Is your organization lacking in customer response times? Enter Machine Learning capabilities of the platform. AI and ML powered individualized experiences can be delivered at scale without adding to your workforce numbers or costs. ML can direct calls to the right employees, define target audiences and determine personalized offers and recommendations. AI chatbots can complement your sales or service agents to respond to common queries thereby freeing them to handle important stuff. With Facebook integration you can create a full feedback loop to keep your customers engaged and happy. Concisely stated the C/4 HANA suite provides a truly responsive omnichannel experience which customers expect from all their interactions.

Speaking of omnichannel experience, have you noticed that your customers have a constant companion these days. Yes, the ubiquitous mobile phone. As per mobile is projected to reach 70% of ecommerce traffic by the end of 2018. But the mobile phone role extends far beyond checkout. As per Gartner, “Mobile is instrumental in discovery, research and evaluation across verticals and customer demographics.” Given these facts, it’s clear that the role of the mobile cannot be ignored. It can help you reach a wider consumer base round the clock. At the same time empowering your employees with mobile devices allows them to serve customers efficiently especially in the field. SAPs partnership with both Apple and Google gives you unprecedented ease to build engaging and easy to use apps on two of the most used platforms in the mobile space. This provides a level of interaction with customers hitherto unheard of.

The term intelligent organization has been a buzzword in recent times. Do you want your organization to be intelligent? SAP Leonardo is the answer. An open cloud platform combining technologies like ML, advanced analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and blockchain empowers an intelligent organization. SAP Leonardo delivers a powerful in-memory database and the latest tools in data management and integration. Since it supports a multi cloud infrastructure you can choose your own cloud provider. AWS or Azure it works seamlessly. SAPs conversational AI allows bots to understand and respond to humans best. For specific industries the platform has already existing customer support bots. Just plug and play.

By now you must be thinking, so many features and capabilities, so many data sources, so many apps; this is going to be a long road to implementation. No! The C/4 HANA suite is designed in such a way that when you set up the system, all activities that are to be carried out can be scoped in the system itself. An intuitive interface and choices stated in business terminology means that an experienced business user can also complete the scoping part quickly and efficiently. Scoping automatically configures the SAP standard solution. All you need to do is customize and voila you’re done. If needed the scoping can be revised at a later stage to add new features and capabilities.

It’s clear that the fourth generation CRM suite from SAP caters to every enterprise in the most efficient manner possible. The five clouds SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud work in tandem to give your business the edge that it deserves. It opens a goldmine of new opportunities. Just like Cisco identified $1 billion worth of new business opportunities you can too. Give your customers what they want, when they want as a truly holistic experience. Win their trust. Come join the CRM revolution with the SAP C/4HANA suite and be the best run business.









Appendix 1



Table 1: Preconfigured Mashups
Relevant For Mashup Name Mashup Type Mashup Category Port Binding
Sales & Social SAP ( URL Mashup News & Reference Search Provider
Sales & Social Embedded Map ( Custom Mashup Location & Travel Web Map
Sales & Social Embedded Route ( Custom Mashup Location & Travel Route Planner
Sales Sales Intelligence for Accounts ( HTML Mashup Business & Finance InsideView Account Information
Sales Sales Intelligence for Contacts ( HTML Mashup Business & Finance InsideView Contact Information
Social Tweets by Handle Data Mashup Business & Finance Additional Account Information

In addition, the following preconfigured mashup Web services are provided, which the administrator can use to create mashups:

Table 2: Preconfigured Mashup Web Services
Relevant For Mashup Web Service Name Service ID Web Service Type Service Domain
Sales Embedded Map ( SM00048 REST
Social Bing Address Lookup BYD_COD/BINGQRY REST
Social Snap Engage Chat URL Generator BYD_SNAPENG REST
Social KloutScore BYD_COD/KLOUT REST
Social Bitly URL Shortener BYD_COD/BITLY REST
Social MindTouch KBAs CW00003 RSS/Atom









Appendix 2

Mashup types:

  • URL Mashups
    • A mashup that sends data from SAP’s cloud solution to the URL of an online service provider. The service provider uses the data, for example, to perform a search, and the results are displayed in a new browser window.
  • HTML Mashups
    • A mashup that embeds an HTML or JavaScript based Web page directly on a screen.
  • Data Mashups
    • A mashup combines and displays data from both internal and external sources. To create a data mashup, an integrated authoring tool is used to transform or merge external Web services with internal business data using industry-standard Web service protocols.
  • Custom Mashups
    • A mashup that has been created as an add-on solution by SAP.

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