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S4HANA Cloud Quarterly Upgrades and How to identify a newly released Fiori Apps

From time to time we have had burning challenges to cope-up with new features/new apps that gets introduced with every quarterly release in S4HANA Cloud and honestly things get worse when we are not aware, what has gone in with new upgrade cycle, sounds familiar right? I am sure many of you might have bookmarked this link, but essentially this link will not only help with what’s new, but also provide insight about what are planned for the upcoming three releases.

But the emphasis of my blog is not just to highlight the release cycles (as we have many platforms that discuss about the same), but to give heads up on how to explore the newly released apps in your own S4HC tenant. Time and again, Fiori app library proves to be a one stop shop to get details of the application that you’re looking for. This is such a great tool that gives insight about the App features, Installation guides, configuration, Extensibility, identifying exact components for raising SAP Support ticket and many more…

To access any new App, the business user need to import the necessary catalogs and add the necessary roles to the tenant and how? Using the Fiori App Library –> Configuration details.

I would like to demonstrate this using an example:

In my use case, I try to pick one of the newest app that got launched with the latest releases Manage Search Strategies – for Sales and Distribution

So how do I make sure this specific app reflects in S4HC 1808 system? Here is one tip/trick before you even go ahead with importing the catalogs or create form template.

There is one great app within S4HC system to determine which app corresponds to which catalogà Business role and the Role ID and this is called IAM Information System. Select Main Entity as ‘Application’.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find the application with the Catalog ID and the role ID assigned(this happens when different business user has already created relevant business roles for the app) . Once you identify the application you want to add to your business user, click the Business Role ID and assign your Business User(CB000000XX) to the selected Business Role.


Now, what if the Application you’re looking for is not found in the IAM Information system itself?

Here is when we make use Business Role Template

This app provides an overview of the delivered business role templates, any changes included in upgrade, and whether you need to adapt your business roles to these changes.

For example, after an upgrade, you can check if the business role templates have changed and are therefore different from the existing business role – a new business catalog might have been added or an existing catalog replaced by another. You can see which business roles were affected by the changes and adapt them if required.

The First step will be to identify the business role associated to the app and this can be found in Fiori Library App–> Implementation Information–>Configuration–> Business Roles

Once the Business role is identified for the corresponding to App, Go to Maintain Business roles app in the S4HC tenant.

Click “Create from template”

Search for the Business role identified from Fiori app Library

Once the required role is added, you need to click Maintain restriction and make sure the write access is unrestricted and click ‘Activate’.

Refresh the page or Logout and Login back.  You should have the App reflecting in your S4HC tenant!

Now, what if the identified business role is not available in the business role template? Make sure you have the required scope item activated in Manage your solutionà View Solution scope and confirm the scope item that demands this specific Application is activated.

For any support related queries on Business roles assignment, you may raise an incident with SAP Support and you will find component from the Fiori Library app itself? Here are the steps to follow:


You assign roles to users and the roles provide access to certain tasks.


Maintain Business Users

Maintain Business Roles

Business Catalogs

Business Role Templates

IAM Information System

Hope this helps!

Thank you!

Amith Nair

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      Author's profile photo Andrew Saunders
      Andrew Saunders

      Thanks for this Amith!

      Do you know if there's a logic behind which apps are and are not displayed in IAM with application as the main entity?

      Author's profile photo Amith Nair
      Amith Nair
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Andrew,

      If you don't see the specific app in question in IAM, you will need to add business roles for the corresponding app like I mentioned in the blog. Fiori App Library is the best tool confirm this. Also make sure we have the scope item activated that demands the use of the specific app in question.

      Hope this helps!

      Best Regards,

      Amith Nair

      Author's profile photo Riwa Mouawad
      Riwa Mouawad

      Thank you for sharing this, Amith! Very helpful information!


      Author's profile photo Sai Giridhar Kasturi
      Sai Giridhar Kasturi

      Useful information, thanks for sharing Amit.

      Author's profile photo Ashraf Ali
      Ashraf Ali

      Thank you for sharing this, Amith! Very helpful information!