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IBP Order Based Planning – SDI data load fails for Location and Product after 1808 upgrade

Issue Description:

This issue will occur if the planning area was initially copied from the sample SAP7 planning area before 1808 upgrade and/or you manually added HLOCATIONCOUNTER and HPRODUCTCOUNTER into the OBP planning area as “Attribute as Key figure”.

When external data are loaded into IBP for Order Based Planning (OBP) through SDI, a CVC generation job is triggered for the new and/or updated master data types. You can see this job in “Data Integration” app.

After upgrade to IBP 1808, if there is some update/addition to Location and/or Product master data, all the records for Location and/or Product are rejected.

If you go to the Rejection Report, you will see that all the product records have been rejected due to the error: “Error when processing attribute as key figure: PA XXX; attribute HPRODUCTCOUNTER.” And all the location records have been rejected due to the error: “Error when processing attribute as key figure: PA XXX; attribute HLOCATIONCOUNTER.”


HLOCATIONCOUNTER and HPRODUCTCOUNTER were delivered as part of the standard OBP master data types Location and Product respectively. In the sample SAP7 planning area, these two attributes were included as “Attribute as Key figure” to enable the CVC generation during SDI data load. The base planning levels for these two key figures were PERPRODLOC with root attributes as time-period ID, PRDID, LOCID and LOCTYPE.

Since HLOCATIONCOUNTER is part of the Location MDT, the PRDID value is not available for this. Similarly, LOCID and LOCTYPE are not available for HPRODUCTCOUNTER as this is part of product MDT. So even though these were part of the planning area, the corresponding key figures cannot be populated due to missing root attributes. With IBP 1808, the data integration job for product and location fails due to this reason.


With IBP 1808, there has been some internal technical changes done in the way CVC’s are generated for the SDI data load and these two attributes are not required anymore. You can follow the below steps to resolve this issue:

  1. (if you have multiple versions and you use Version specific key figures): then remove these two key figures (HLOCATIONCOUNTER and HPRODUCTCOUNTER) from all the versions. You can do this by clicking on the below button and then selecting the deletion flag for the relevant key figures.  
  2. Review and adjust the calculation of HWORKDAY key figure, if exists, as below (depending on the IBP version at the time you copied the sample planning area, you may or may not have this key figure in your planning area)  
  3. Delete the key figures: HLOCATIONCOUNTER and HPRODUCTCOUNTER using the below buttons and then save.
  4. Activate the planning area
  5. Check if these two have been removed from the planning area before triggering the SDI data load or CVC generation report
  6. Please note that, if multiple planning areas share the same MDT’s, then you need to make these changes to all the relevant planning areas before you can successfully run the CVC generation job.


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