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Extensibility Association To Standard Business Objects in SAP Marketing Cloud

Some Customer Scenarios require associations between Business Objects, which are not foreseen in Standard of SAP Marketing Cloud. A good example is a campaign for a Marketing event, which is modeled as product in Marketing. If you want to analyze the performance of that campaign, you need a direct relation between the business objects campaign and product.

With Extensibility Associations it is possible in SAP Marketing Cloud to enhance any business object with an association to the standard business objects product or product categories.

To do so, apply the following steps

  1. Logon as Administrator and launch the app “Custom Fields and Logic”
  2. Define the needed extensibility field, choose Business Context “Marketing – Campaign”, type “Association to Business Object” and select the business object “Marketing Product”
  3. Specify the label and description of the new field, which shall be exposed also in the UI
  4. Enable the desired entities, e.g. ODATA services or CDS Views, which shall be enhanced by the new custom field.
  5. After you have published the enhancement, you can include the custom field into the campaign UI, using the UI adaptation mode, and you have a proper F4-help available.
  6. The new field is also available in the CDS Queries, if you have enabled it.


Note, this feature is possible for every Business Object in Marketing, e.g. also for programs, and it is also available for Marketing – Product Categories.

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  • Hi Josef

    Thanks for your sharing. We are now using Marketing on-premise 1709 sp1, there are only two objects in the list. Could you please give me some suggestions, if we want extend association between campaign and product? Very appreciate.

  • Hi Josef,

    we have the requirement to show additional information related to contact person in a new tab in  contact in SAP Marketing On-Premise. For this we created a new custom business object "campaigns" but we don't find any possibility to link records of this custom business object to the default contact business object.

    We also tried creating a custom FIORI app to display the details in a graphical format but unable to link to contact screen using custom fields - URL based

    In 1809, I could see there is a UI extension available but no apps available to extend:


    Can you please help us if this is feasible?



    Nidhi Goyal