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Author's profile photo Pablo Mejias

S/4 HANA for Group Reporting : Overview

This blog is an introduction to S/4 Hana Group Reporting.
The first foundation is : Group Reporting can also be used independently from operational accounting or other ERP functions in SAP S/4 HANA.

Below are some fundamentals of the tool:

        SAP Product Strategy for Consolidation:

Development focus of our existing on-premise consolidation solutions


–   The product story and vision





        Vision / Product Strategy

Continuous Accounting:

    • Unified reporting framework for local and group anytime data access in SAP S/4HANA
    • Leverage all details of the accounting system where available
    • Blending of local and group close (shared user experience, process support, tools)

Group Reporting Platform:

    • Support complete flow of collection, processing, analysis, publication
    • Data categories and reporting cycles with varying levels of detail for plan, actuals, simulation, …
    • SAP Analytics Cloud integration and API‘s to ingest or extract data

Context to data:

    • Notes and qualitative data are as important as number crunching
    • System generated, and end-user created textual annotations to data
    • Communication, preparation, education, assistance functions

Engineered for Cloud:

    • Cost-efficient resource sharing and automated operations
    • Easy to implement, fast adoption of changes
    • Collaborate beyond corporate boundaries


        SAP S/4HANA Continuous Accounting and Group Reporting, information at any moment in time



Entity close and group close are converging for the next generation in terms of speed and quality of closing.

A new SAP solution for group reporting is emerging in the cloud

The new solution core is planned to become available as part of SAP S/4HANA 1809 on-premise



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      Author's profile photo Henry Banks
      Henry Banks

      Thanks for the update! much appreciated. regards, H

      Author's profile photo Tarun Chhichhia
      Tarun Chhichhia

      Good Starting Point still leaves tons of questions :

      i) Is S/4 HANA Group Reporting the future Path for all consolidation solutions or it will exist hand in hand with BPC ?

      ii) What is recommended and choice Matrix for Customers ? And Support Plan for existing ? Currently as I see we have 4 Flavors of consolidation solutions :

      a) BPC standard :

      b) BPC on BW Embedded - Cool experiment by SAP

      c) BPC Optimized, or Real Time consolidation - A Real struggle to say the least. Another Experimental approach from SAP

      b) SAP Financial consolidation.

      Appreciate any direction as to if you are Greenfield, or Existing on one - this is the better approach, time each is supported, whether new developments will be done to current versions etc.

      Enhancement are standard part of any solution, But completely changing Product offering and Architecture in the consolidation space every 2 to 3 years seems SAP is still figuring out direction here.



      Author's profile photo Venkata Singanamala
      Venkata Singanamala
      1. Yes, S4H Group Reporting is the Future path for SAP Consolidation from BPC Consolidation/BCS Consolidation/EC-CS Consolidation.
      2. Matrix Consolidation is available from S4H 1909 OP
      3. You get all the data - Transactional - ACDOCA and Consolidated - ACDOCU in One single Database and not from BW
      4. Above # 3 derived from the foundation of REAL TIME Concept
      5. 1909 OP has more Advanced Consolidation Functions compare to 1809 OP
      6. SAP Financial Consolidation  is different from S4H Group Reporting again it another SAP  platform which is mainly used in Europe and Japan                                                                                                    YesYes,
      Author's profile photo Raja Sekhar Andey
      Raja Sekhar Andey

      HI Venkata Singanamala,

      is it true that SAP Financial Consolidation is different from S4H Group Reporting?

      Best Regards

      Raja Sekhar Andey


      Author's profile photo Venkata Singanamala
      Venkata Singanamala

      Yes, that is correct.


      SAP FC is more used in Europe and Japan. Very few customers on SAP FC since those customers from Europe. It is based on NW.

      S4Group Reporting is based on S4H/SAP system and not an Addon or Embedded.

      S4Group Reporting  has been developed based on SAP EC-CS Consolidation/BCS Consolidation and BPC Consolidation


      Hope this will helps You