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SAP S/4HANA for advanced variant configuration and SAP Product Configuration – Cloud 1808/ On-Premise 1809 releases

SAP S/4HANA for advanced variant configuration and SAP Product Configuration – Cloud 1808 and On-Premise 1809 releases contain a variety of new functionalities. In the next sentences, we will list all the significant and important advantages from a technological and business perspective.

Multi-Level Configuration

It gives you the opportunity to configure assemblies across multiple levels, that are exploded during the configuration process. It also allows the modeling of complex variant configuration models. Via the structure tree, you have the possibility to navigate to the configurable items. The root instances are reprocessed so that pricing reflects the configuration of all instances beneath it.



Integration of Routing

This feature enables routing support in the Simulation Configuration Models app and provides a couple of interesting functionalities. It displays the complete routing structure and the most important information about the routing sub-objects. It provides you the access towards to routing results in single- and multi-level cases and explores the operations regarding the parallel and alternative sequences. You will be able to see the effects of the configuration changes and follow up the different simulation dates, provided by the routing changes. On the one side the Integration of Routing displays the list of object dependencies assigned to the routing elements, and on the other, the list of components, assigned to an operation. Last, but not least, it gives you the details of a selected component and shows the routing-relevant trace messages.


Integration with Purchasing

The advanced variant configuration can now be used for purchasing of configurable materials. It allows you to create and change the configuration during the purchasing of orders and requisitions. The configuration can be maintained by clicking on the status in the fast entry or by clicking “configuration” on the “material data” tab page. This gives you the opportunity to navigate the whole process of purchasing.

Managing Characteristic Groups

This feature provides support for UI groups of characteristics and gives the chance to create, update and delete new groups. Displayed on the valuation UI, you will get the possibility to maintain descriptions in different languages for each group, also assign characteristics to a group, by collecting them in a custom specified order. In the valuation UI, characteristic groups can be assigned/unassigned to a configuration profile. The same characteristic group can be reused in multiple profiles and further on the assigned characteristics groups for a configuration profile can be sorted to influence in which sequence they will be visualized in the UI.

Machine Learning Support for Classification Reuse UI

This feature enables auto-classification of Document Info Records from unstructured data content by eliminating the manual efforts in this time-consuming process. It improves the efficiency in the document classification and provides a more reliable classification of content. Being informed about the confidence level of the machine in the proposed classification is a big advantage for the customer, provided by this product feature.


SAP Product Configuration and CPQ


In this area, there are new features, for cloud only and for both cloud and on-premise editions:


Asynchronous Order Management (AOM) with Synchronous Pricing

Available for both editions, the AOM scenario supports synchronous pricing for configurable products in the shopping cart at the checkout. It also allows the usage of SAP back end as the leading pricing system, while leveraging the performance advantages.

Compatibility with S/4HANA Advanced Variant Configurator

Also available for both editions, this feature’s prime function is the full integration of SAP Product Configuration with S/4HANA Advanced Variant Configurator. Knowledge bases created for AVC can be processed. SAP S/4HANA Enterprise can process orders with configurable products. Within AVC, these configurations can be shown in the back office.

Using Rules to Give Discounts on Option Level

Available for cloud edition only, with this release discounts for specific characteristic values can be defined. The discount can be based on all conditions available in the Commerce Rule Engine. The discount can be offered for a limited time and can also depend on the selection of another option. Messages associated with the discount can be created and are showing for how long the offer is valid.

Predefined Variant Functions

A set of predefined variant functions like converting of a single numeric and character input, concatenating inputs, returning of substrings, length of a character type characteristic, and comparing two character values according to a specified comparison operator are just some of the new ones that have been introduced to cover the most common use cases where customers usually implement their own functions to circumvent shortcoming in Variant Configuration syntax.

Enhancements to the Admin UI for the Configuration and Pricing Services

The credentials, which were available only in the SAP Cloud Cockpit can now be obtained from the Admin UI as well. The tenant can be tagged, which is giving him more computing power. There are also improved user settings for language and theme.


Are you curious to learn more about SAP S/4HANA for advanced variant configuration and SAP Product Configuration? Do you want to be up-to-date with all the planned and released innovations within the AVC environment and follow up all the product features in the future? In case of questions, thoughts or feedback. You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. Stay tuned!

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      Author's profile photo Stefan Weisenberger
      Stefan Weisenberger

      Lots of exciting stuff.
      I am a big fan of the increased precision of numerical values and calculations that's specifically relevant to the calculation-heavy mill industries. (We are calculating order quantities, lot sizes, convert from dimensions to areas, weight, and then to surcharges.)
      Can I assume this is also part of this release?

      Author's profile photo Steve Schneider
      Steve Schneider

      Hello Stefan Weisenberger . If you log onto the CWG website, there are multiple presentations from the Nashville conference that outline the new capabilities of the AVC. Some of them are;

      Author's profile photo Krishna PrasadKarkala
      Krishna PrasadKarkala


      Does AVC supports Order BOM/Set processing options available in Classical VC ?



      Author's profile photo Velin Ivanov
      Velin Ivanov
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Krishna,

      • Support of SET Scenario without manual changes is planned for S/4HANA 2005.
      • AVC is supporting order BoMs is currently planned for S/4HANA 2008/2020.

      In case of additional questions, please contact me.

      Best Regards,



      Author's profile photo Ankit Mehrotra
      Ankit Mehrotra

      Hello Velin,

      Can you please confirm how to explode BOM in sales order using on-premise aVC? I see SET process is not supported currently in S4H on-premise aVC.

      I tried selecting SD01 application assuming it might help, but no luck. SET process of configuration profile in classical VC did helped but its missing in aVC.


      Best Regards,

      Ankit Mehrotra

      Author's profile photo MAYUR INGOLE

      Hi Velin,


      Great Blog.

      Could you please elaborate about the Multilevel configuration using AVC?

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo DEEPAK GORANI

      Hello Velin,


      thanks for sharing the product Insights. I have couple of questions here 

        1. Does the advance variant configuration has the same feature in On premises v/s S/4hana cloud ??     – if yes then any roadmap planned or limitations ?
        2. how about integrating it to customer front applications like Commerce (aka Hybris). I have been working on SAP IPC, SSC & Callidus and so far could not get concrete reason why one should opt (or move on ) to callidus form SAP SSC on perm. ??(considering CPQ prospective and as of today SSC is more flexible in my experience)
        3. Any integration guide/ limitations for s/4hana advance configuration -> callidus cloud -> commerce cloud CCV2 ?


      Deepak Gorani