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Quick Account Search in SAP CRM Fiori

Search fast and save time

In today’s world, time plays a significant role. Everyone wants to save time and get their desired to be available very fast. According to me the Fiori mobility is a boon to the business users where the business is made much faster handy than performing the same in big screen. However I think still we have some space for AI(Artificial Intelligence) and use the automation in helping the business to move faster.

Fortunately I came to know that the CRM business users are facing challenge in searching the expected customer/account in the Mobile & iPad devices. Since there is a necessity to create the Activities, Task, Opportunities, Complaints there is a need to provide the account to start creating these transactions.

In this blog I want to share my experience on how we have overcome the account search challenge and added some automation to it & making the user to be friendly to start the CRM transactions.

Standard Existing Functionality:

The standard account search in Activities, Task, Opportunities, and Complaints provides to search the accounts by typing account name or the account number. As shown below this was the existing functionality.

Fig 1: Search using the Customer name

Fig 2: Search using the customer account number #

Since there are huge number of accounts, very difficult to remember number or name .There was some gap to improve the search functionality.

Proposed solution is for an extensive search on the account field .The user will have option to fill any of the known parameter (Country, Region, and City) and the system will pick the relevant details and eventually pulling the customers for that corresponding geography.

The below screen shows the newly extended for the business users.

Fig 3: Customized icon to extended the search filter

On clicking the extension we have the following options as a filter as shown below.

Fig 4: New search options

If the user knows the city and wants to retrieve the accounts belonging to the corresponding city

Just start keying the city name (minimum of 3 character) as shown in fig 5 which will automatically bring the region and the country.

FIG 5: Start typing the city name

On selecting the relevant city the other corresponding are auto populated as shown below.

Fig 6: Auto filled

The customers/accounts for the given geography is queried and shown to the user.

As shown in the fig 7.

Fig 7:Accounts retrieved



Hence the business user is now capable of filtering the customers to proceed for the CRM transactions just knowing the geographical location and by keying the first three letters of the city or region or country using the CRM Fiori  solution & eventually saving the time and user friendly.

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      Author's profile photo Jana Leune
      Jana Leune


      this is the functionality I´m looking for. Could you please explain in detail, what customizing or enhancement is necessary for that?

      Kind regards,