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    1. MJZ Soft Post author

      Actually I am not sure. The only thing that I am sure you cannot do any batch request on the trial version of WEB IDE, while you can do on paid version.
      It is xcsrf problem and it is not.
      It seems in the WEB IDE when it cannot access the data via the bridge connector that we make to get rid of xcsrf problem, it tries to access the resource directly while it must not.
      We make a connection in cockpit to get rid of xcsrf but as batch is not possible in trial version of WEB IDE, it tries to access the external address directly and this is the point that we see xcsrf error in the console.

  1. Michal Keidar

    Hi MJZ Soft – you are misleading.

    1. There’s no bug in Web IDE Trial, it’s the OData service (in this case Northwind) that does not support the batch operation.
    2. As you can see, the blog you’re referring to is very old (4 years ago), so the best thing to do is to ask the original author of the blog to update it (cc: SIMMACO FERRIERO ). I wouldn’t expect a 4 years-old blog to work seamlessly today. Things are changing.
    3. I see you’re still using the “old” Web IDE from looking at your video, this will be removed at the end of 2018, so if you want to publish an updated blog, I would use “Web IDE Full-Stack”.

    It’s great that you figured out how to overcome the batch issue, and it’s great that you want to share it with the SAP community, however please correct your blog as it creates a false impression.



    1. MJZ Soft Post author

      Thanks for your hints. I will try to do my best.

      But one question, if the North Wind does not support batch how does it works in paid WEB IDE perfectly? 

      Here is an evidence of supporting batch by NorthWind in paid WEB IDE:

      Just open the picture in another tab to be able to read its details. 

      Regarding updating the old blog:
      The content of the blog is correct and valid yet. The only thing which is not valid is the version 2 of the OData that we must use. That is not the main discussion of this post.

  2. Boghyon Hoffmann

    As Michal Keidar has pointed out, the blog post you were referring to is not maintained and still uses the insecure protocol http:// for the destination URL. Since the domain has already moved to HTTPS, please update your destination URL as well to

    The request for the service metadata can be then proxied successfully even with the useBatch enabled.

    You can see a live example here:


    1. Michal Keidar

      Boghyon Hoffmann

      You just saved an entire step in my exercise for TechEd! Now my attendees will not have to add “useBatch”:false in their app’s manifest.json.

      I assumed the service does not support it because I kept getting this “not implemented” error. So thanks for the clarification!



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