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CRM-C4C integration

Recently I was involved in a project where I had to integrate CRM with C4C. Through this blog I would like to share my experience of interfaces I worked upon on this project. This blog will focus mainly on task done on CRM on premise side. CRM-PI-C4C teams has to work closely to complete it.

CRM version – SAP CRM EHP3.0 SP14

C4C- 1808 SDK


  • Knowledge of Idoc
  • Knowledge of XIF adapter
  • Knowledge of Web Service

Initial steps

  • SAP has delivered a software component to facilitate integration of CRM with C4C, ask you BASIS team to install it. Software component – CRMPCD01
  • In this software component ,SAP has provided many standard report to facilitate initial setup,initial data load & Web-service component.
  • Create logical system in CRM which will be provided by C4C team, it is communication channel created in C4C end which should be configured in receiver channel in PI & CRM.
  • Once logical system is created , create RFC destination & port for idoc transfer.
  • SAP has provided standard report – crmpcd_create_connectivity_sim for integration. Once this report is run, all idoc standard settings are established i.e. creation of Site/Subscription, creation of distribution model, creation of partner profile & assignment of message types to it, creation of background jobs.
  • While running this program we can select scope of program in step 2 of execution
  • This standard program calls class – CL_CRMPCD_CREATE_CONNECTIVITY. You can put debugger here to check in case you face any issue.
  • Once all setting are in place use program CRMPCD_CHECK_E2E_CONNECTIVITY to test CRM to C4C tenant connectivity.

Below I will explain about some of interface :

  1. Account data transfer/Account Relationship transfer
  2. Marketing Attribute transfer

Few important SCN blogs/threads which might be useful during the process

Some standard program

  • CRMPCD_ACTIVITY_EXTRACT – Extract activity to C4C
  • CRMPCD_BUPA_EXTRACT – Extract Business partner to C4C
  • CRMPCD_BUPA_ATTACH_EXTRACT- Extract BP attachments to C4C
  • CRMPCD_BUPA_REL_EXTRACT – Extract BP relationship to C4C
  • CRMPCD_CAMPAIGN_EXTRACT – Extract campaign to C4C

You can put CRMPCD* in SE38 and will get all standard report designed for integration.

Standard SLG1 logs objects

  • CRMPCD- This object has many sub-objects which can be used for record level logs.

  • CRMPCD_CONN_GEN_LOG – This logs gets generated when we execute initial report for integration i.e. crmpcd_create_connectivity_sim

Thus I conclude this blog.

Happy learning!!

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  • Hi Rituraj,

    Nice collection of all relevant materials in one blog. We are also working on a similar scenario.

    Had a query - Is the CODERINT Add on Installation required on the CRM side for this integration with C4C as well?



    • Hi Tapas,

      To integrate CRM with C4C we do not require CODERINT add on in CRM.

      However we need to install CRMPCD01 software component in CRM.



      • Hi Rituraj,


        Thanks for the reply, we have the CRMPCD01 component installed in our system as attached, but still we are missing the Integration with C4C component in Integration with other SAP Components in SPRO Configs.

        Request to suggest for the same. Any part we may be missing ?







        • Hi Tarun,

          Please ask your basis team to reinstall it again. Check below screenshot from standard guide.


          I think you are missing correct support package and sp level.