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Social media integration in C4C

Social media and its relevance

Gone are the days when people used to get information related to brands, products etc. from print media or TV channels. Now it’s all about internet. Every bit of information be it related to brand, products, product experience is there on internet. People are sharing their experiences, their grievances on the net.

Also there are many modes to use internet now. Earlier it was just desktop or laptop which users can use but now even the mobile phones have become so sophisticated that they are at par with the other computing machines. Mobile phones are bringing that part of community also on internet bandwagon which was earlier neglected because of limited knowledge. This is encouraging them to share more information with the rest of the world

People are coming together on various channels to share their experiences. This is evident from the tremendous growth shown by various social media companies like Facebook, twitter. As per some studies total number of social media users would be close to 2.5 billion by 2019

Corporate world has taken note of this and they have realized the true potential of the social media. They have realized that social media can either make or break their businesses. They have also made themselves more visible on these platforms

Today thousands of mid to large size organizations are leveraging social media to attract visitors, build their brand and grow the audience to drive sales. With a vast ecosystem comprising of multiple social media channels, it becomes quite a challenging task for marketers to manage all the social media platforms and keep the consumers engaged with the right content at the right time.

Integrating social media channels empowers the business and helps the brand to connect with consumers directly. It provides a way to understand and address your customer queries and questions instantly. It also makes it easier for organizations to communicate important news and updates to the users


SAP has also realized the potential of the social media. Their latest solution SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) can integrate various social media channels

Social media integration in C4C

By integrating various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter an organization will be able to provide the best customer service thus exceeding customer satisfaction. When integrating these social media channels, all social Messages of customers addressed to the organization’s social channel can then be immediately turned into tickets in C4C enabling service agents to process these tickets and respond accordingly

If an organization is able to use social media as a two-way communication channel then this will help to build a better relationship with the consumers. There are several advantages of integrating Facebook or Twitter with C4C. Few of them are

  1. Understanding the perception of customers related to products, brands or services
  2. Allowing employees to better engage with customers on social media directly from within C4C
  3. Helping organizations to identify decision influencers based on social media interaction history
  4. Identify and prioritize social media messages and respond accordingly
  5. Capturing customers feedback, this can help in improving the product quality
  6. Building brand reputation and increase customer loyalty
  7. Better coordinate within the team and across the organization to resolve issues that are opened by customer efficiently and effectively

Integration of Facebook with C4C

Before starting the integration process we need to first include the process in scope. For that, we have to follow below-mentioned steps

  1. Login to C4C and go to the business configuration work center.
  2. Select implementation projects. Under that select the required project
  3. Select edit project scope- service– customer care and service request management
  • In questions select the option Do you want to support direct messages for Facebook channels? Confirm it and then exit out of scope

Once we define the scope then we need to create Facebook API for integration

First you need to create a dedicated Facebook account which will be used specifically for customer interaction

Login to your Facebook account and go to profile settings

Select app section


Select developer option at the bottom of the app section

On the developer page choose button create a new App by following path mentioned below

My Apps-àrequests-àview your apps

Now create new app


Click on add platform on the bottom and select website

Site URL should be same as that of C4C URL.


Save changes.


Create media channel in C4C

After this we have to create a customer media channel in C4C.For this login to C4C and then go to administration work center

Administrator – service and social



Under service and social select social media channels

Inside social media channels select “New” option for creating a new channel. On the dropdown select social media channel type as Facebook

Provide the application key and app secret which we have created in the previous steps


Once done click on connect with channel button. This will establish link to Facebook account Facebook will open a new window for authorization. Provide the details and select authorize app.Now select get account detail button. This will fill the channel id with Facebook handle

Provide the id, language and then save

There are 2 options available on this page select for monitoring and block for responses. Block Responses enables you to stop your service agents from replying to Facebook message from within the C4C systems

In order to start communication between Facebook and C4C we have to schedule a communication job.

For this select the newly created channel and go to “Create run”.


Verify if the correct channel id is selected



Last thing which we need to configure now is scheduling a background job which will import the data as per requirement

Select the schedule button


Provide the required details regarding the time of job and type of run whether run after some job, or run at some specific time everyday etc


Once the setup is complete all Facebook messages related to your account are directed to C4C. These messages can be seen in the ticket view of service work center.

These messages then can be open for further processing. These can then be assigned to employees for resolution


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      Author's profile photo Therd Declact
      Therd Declact

      Enjoyed reading the article above , really explains everything in detail,the article is very interesting and effective.Thank you



      Author's profile photo subbaraju mudunuri
      subbaraju mudunuri

      Hi Naresh,

      I can see the article published on Oct'2018.But from Mar'18 onwards facebook added default strict mode enabled to connect with facebook from external vendors. We need to publish our app to facebook for review. Once they approved then only we can configure the app with C4C. We are facing couple of issues with these additional restrictions imposed by facebook.

      Please let me know, if any alternate option available without APP approval process to connect with C4C?

      Author's profile photo Wendy Wang
      Wendy Wang

      Hi Subbaraju, you have to pass the Facebook App review for the required permissions before you can set the App to live.

      1. manage_pages, Publish_pages, page_messaging ( for facebook messenger message process)

      You might wonder when I didn't get the required permissions, how can I set up the integration, and prove to the reviewer about how the integration uses the permissions. In fact, when the app is in development mode, apps are automatically approved for all login permissions, features, and product-specific features. You can test your integration with C4S and submit it for review before you get the approval.  When you get the permissions, you can then set the App to Live mode for productive usage.

      I'm going through the App review myself, throug this way, I have acquired two permissions, when I get all the necessary permissions, I'll publish a blog for your reference.