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Workaround for error on Duplicate Account Number in Payment Information

One of the most common requirement, and of course, logical too, is an error on duplication of  Bank Account Number, at least with regard to audit purpose.

Thanks to a platform like PDC, Karthik_Visu cracked it.

When I did a testing, I knew I have to share it.

This shall be done by a rule, which will have an error message when the conditions are ‘true’

To start with, create an error message-

Navigate to Admin Center–Manage Data

In Create New, select ‘Message Definition’ and fill the required fields-

Navigate to Admin Center– Configure Business Rule.

Select Base Object as ‘Payment Information Detail’.


Navigate to Configure Object Definition– Payment Information Detail

Assign this rule to ‘Account Number’ field in Payment Information Detail object


With this, duplicate account number entry will throw an error!



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