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Source: SAP

This was a lecture session last week at SAP TechEd Las Vegas

Source: SAP

The legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change

Source: SAP

Tool is developing fast

Use same widgets as story building

Ability to assign themes to it.

Create planning and predictive apps

Interactivity is important

Source: SAP

What is the difference between a story and an application?  See above for some high-level differences

Source: SAP

Design mode for apps design

Outline on the left

Design panel, style widgets, can pop in on the left

Flat display now as container components are not there yet; coming

Don’t see hierarchical built display

Source: SAP

GA planned by end of year

Pop-ups (in speaker opinion) are better than Lumira Designer

IDE layout – mix of Lumira Designer and SAP Analytics Cloud

Using a subset of JavaScript, typescript; disallow operations

Protect server and browser

Source: SAP

If you have an error panel, jump to line of code where that is happening

Source: SAP

As of Q1, the plan is to bring features can’t do in Lumira Designer

Inheriting widgets, filter in timezone, access predictive framework via scripting

Source: SAP

The roadmap is shown above.


The product is not yet generally available.

What do you think?

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  1. Vittal Navale

    Hi Tammy, looks promising. thanks for the share!

    Does this App design have restrictions on the connections types ? or Independent of model layer? Any chance to look into the session recordings?


    1. Tammy Powlas Post author

      Hi – there is no session recording

      It follows the SAP Analytics Cloud model/connections; we’ll learn more as the product becomes generally available later


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