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SAP TSW (Traders’ and Schedulers’ Workbench) is successfully being used by many Oil & Gas, Mining and Chemical companies to manage their trading, scheduling and Logistics functions efficiently for last several years.

Objective of this blog is to make understand the mandatory steps to be followed while creating ticket for nomination through the ABAP program.

Following are the steps:


is_tkt_header       =     ls_header
it_items                =     lt_items
it_tkt_error_log    =     lt_err_maint_tkt
it_tkt_doc_flow    =     lt_maint_doc_flow
iv_commit           =      
iv_lock                =      ”
es_tkt_header     =     ls_header
et_items              =     lt_items
et_tkt_error_log  =      lt_err_maint_tkt
et_tkt_doc_flow  =      lt_maint_doc_flow
ticket_locked      =      1
OTHERS            =      2

In ls_header ticket_key must be  blank and update indicator must be ‘I’ . In lt_items update indicator must be ‘I’. This FM creates ticket.

Call FM ‘ENQUEUE_E_OIJTKT’ – to en-queue the ticket after creation

Call FM ‘ OIJB_GENERATE_DOCUMENTS_N’ to generate the documents for the ticket


These steps if followed properly will generate ticket successfully.


Hope you find the above information helpful .Please drop in your comments / feedback / Suggestions / below.

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