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SAP SRM POWL Tcodes and Reports

This blog talks about some SRM Tcodes for managing POWL changes. Below is the summarized list of the T-codes which can be used when making changes in standard POWL. Some of them are commonly used but there are some reports and POWL advanced Tcodes which are not used so frequently the blog lists all such Tcodes and reports for managing POWLs

Check the Tcodes for POWL setttings

  • POWL_QUERY: To check Type ID, Layout settings
  • POWL_QUERYR: To find the Query ID, Tab sequence number etc.
  • POWL_TYPE: To find the feeder class based on POWL Type ID
  • /SAPSRM/POWL_CUST: To make changes in Field catalog, Trex, DB criteria or buttons
  • POWL_CAT: To define categories for POWL

Some of the important SRM reports are as below which you can run via SE38 transaction.

  1. POWL_D01: Delete reports if any changes in POWL
  2. POWL_D02: Shows the Active POWL queries in the system.
  3. POWL_D03: Check consistency of POWL table entries by running this report if you feel something is not working fine in Portal as shown in Figure 152



Figure POWL consistency report

The above reports should be sufficient enough to perform a fix for any issues found in POWL. However, if the issues persist you may choose the below reports as well however this should be used under expert guidance as these reports delete all queries from the system

Check some more POWL specific reports are mentioned below:

  1. POWL_D04: Delete criteria from Admin queries and result are immediately stored in a transport
  2. POWL_D05: Deletes the result if any left from the last run of POWL_D03 report.
  3. POWL_D06: Activate derived queries when you created some queries and link of POWL_QUERY to POWL_QUERYR is missing and needs to be activated for derived queries.
  4. POWL_D07: Same as POWL_D01 Shadowing entries to be deleted in case of multiple users.
  5. POWL_D08: When any layout changes occur in Development the report requires execution and result are stored in a workbench transport.
  6. POWL_D09: Default mapping of default layouts in queries or make any changes to the system.


Consulting scenarios

Scenario Best Approach
Adding new fields to the Business documents Control via config to add new field
Make changes in field layouts ·       Control via config to make fields editable/read only/ Enabled
Make changes to add default values to the field ·       Use Web Dynpro or code changes in BBP_DOC_CHANGE Badi
Make changes in POWL search help to add new search fields or add as a result column ·       Check the POWL and make necessary changes to add / remove field



This is the blog I refer to for reading about how to add custom search fields in the POWL search criteria and result section

Also, check the note which talks about adding fields to partner extension

Note: 1386310 – Creating SRM business partner field extensions


Thanks for reading my article please share any comments and feedback







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      Author's profile photo Arundathi Veeraraghavan
      Arundathi Veeraraghavan

      Hi Vanitha,

      This article of you was very useful .

      I have an issue in SRM 7.4 Netweaver Portal.

      In user's inbox , in Alert/Tasks if the work item has any note/memo maintained , it is not visible as an icon in the table, rather after refresh (nearly 15 mins) the memo icon appears.

      ( The memo icon will make the users identify , which of the workitem have notes ,even before opening the work item ). We tried to test from different users , but it is not visible during initial log-in , only after the line item is selected and given refresh the memo icon appears.

      Appreciate your inputs or solution for the same.



      Arundathi V