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Is Fiori applications only way to maintain bank accounts in S/4HANA? What happened to FI12?

Since ages we are used to transaction code FI12, which is a very convenient way to maintain house banks/ bank accounts. Simplification OSS note 2270400 in S/4HANA has changed the way for maintaining bank accounts and made transaction code FI12 as obsolete transaction. Instead Fiori applications “Manage Banks” (Fiori ID F1574) and “Manage Bank Accounts” (Fiori ID F1366A) were provided. Although for house banks, SAP provided alternative transaction code as FI12_HBANK, but not for bank account.


Thus, whenever you execute transaction code FI12 in S/4HANA environment, you get below error message. The same also happens when you click on “House Bank” button in transaction code FBZP:


There are still a lot of organizations, who wants to bring minimum disruption in way of working and thus not very keen to use these fiori apps and want to utilize SAP GUI to start with in S/4HANA, and then progressively adopt for fiori applications.


Starting S/4HANA 1809 release, SAP has re-enabled transaction code FI12.

For earlier releases, you need to implement OSS note 2646577 to re-enable transaction code FI12.


After this OSS note is implemented, the transaction code FI12 will restored:


On expending “Bank Accounts” node, the option “Create Bank Account” appears:


On clicking on this option “Create Bank Account”, the simplified NWBC screen appear with basic details to enter along-with connectivity to house bank (Comparable to FI12 screen fields):


When editing an existing bank account, the option “Maintain Bank Account” appear as below:


On clicking on this option “Maintain Bank Account”, the simplified NWBC screen appear with basic details to enter along-with connectivity to house bank:



The above will work for bank accounts only if you are not using “Dual Control” and Workflow features provided by S/4HANA in Bank Account Management. You can check this setting in view FCLM_CONFIG2 in transaction SM30, where the setting should be “Activate Directly”:

If using Dual Control/ workflow feature, then fiori application/ NWBC application needed to be used to maintain the bank accounts.

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  • Thanks, Gaurav, for this blog. Glad to see FI12 is re-enabled. I’ve struggled (and cursed too many times) with defining banks in a 1509 implementation.

    One more thing: I think it’s unfortunate (let’s use nice words) that all those Fiori screenshots are UNREADABLE.  The font is simply always too small.  Making user documentation is a pain.

    Even in SAP decks, the Fiori screenshots are often hardly readable! Oh my.

  • Hi! Nice tip. I have a question regarding the implementacion of this note. As i read, one of the manual activities before the implementation is to run the report NOTE_2646577, but i cant find this report in the note, (and also is not in the system)

    I checked out in the following link if there were a .txt file to download, but it doesnt.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks to share.

    • Yes, the OSS message says so, but it seems wrong. I have implemented OSS without that pre-manual activity and then after implementation of OSS note report NOTE_2646577 was available and its execution worked. I think SAP should get that corrected to a post-implementation activity instead of pre-implementation activity.

  • Hi Gaurav

    Very nice document. How about the dump you get in FBZP while clicking on ‘Create Bank Account’ option?

    Exception ‘/UI2/CX_NWBC’ was raised, but it was not caught anywhere along the
    call hierarchy.

    Since exceptions represent error situations, and this error was not
    adequately responded to, ABAP program ‘CX_NWBC=======================CP’ had
    to be terminated.

    Is this addressed too if customer does not use NWBC or Fiori or want to use FBZP as he was using in ECC.