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Business Integration Builder (BIB) Knowledge

Successfcators integration with On premise ECC or S4HANA uses a new tool called Business Integration Builder which has more capability/flexibility in doing the mapping in the ECC system.

More information on this can be found here.

Successfactors Integration to ERP with BIB

So typically data is sent to ERP using basecode64 encoding, and resides in SRTUTIL as the payload, you can extract the payload using the following best practices

– Find the XML using SRTUTIL. Check an entry with:
> field ‘Receiver Interface Name’ populated >


the with the same/similar minute and second as SLG1 logs.
> that has field ‘—-SourceSystemOutputBase64’ with lots of info.


Download the XML from here, to load in below steps


After that, you need to run the replication through importing the XML



  > Subpackages

    > PAOC_SFI_EE_IN_PROXY Employee Inbound EC to ERP - proxies and implementation

      > Enterprise Services

        > Server Proxies






Please note if you ran the replication in test mode, debugging wont update the record, so you can try in test mode


After this, you should know which class to debug, for example put external breakpoint so that it stops.



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  • Hi Siddharth,

    Thank you for sharing such an informative post. This indeed helped us to understand how to debug if BIB framework is involved.

    The field ‘—-SourceSystemOutputBase64’ is not visible for us in the SRTUTIL (Web Service Utilities: Message Monitor).

    We tried to follow the steps mentioned in your post but still unable to get the desired result.

    We tried to proceed with one XML and selected debugging options in the "Test Service Provider" window but still it didn't reach break point we had set, same as in the Class: CL_ECPAO_EE_MD_ORGAS_BNDL_IMPL and
    Method: PROCESS_REQ mentioned here.

    The external break point was set for the SFAPI user.

    Please advise if there's any other step we need to peform.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Vish

    Was the XML for one employee? otherwise you have debug for all employees till you reach your employee, you can delete the other employees from the XML or run the replication only for one employee and then extract again

    Also external BP should be for the user you logged in as, as you are doing this debugging after you extract the XML,

    Class above is correct, and after you put BP, you executed from above ie service provider screen where you upload the XML?

    • Hi Siddharth,

      XML was for one Employee only.

      Yes, the execution was from the mentioned service provider screen just as you had shown in the screens.

      Thank you for the response



  • Dear Siddharth,

    Is it possible to link BP SuccessFactor to SAP without using HCM ?

    If we are just using part of code of HCMin SAP, to populate tables, but without activating the module HCM, is it possible, in this scenario, to still use the connector of Successfactor ?

    Thank you for your help
    Kind Regards


    You have to use custom integration and update data in HCM using webservice calls etc

    i wouldn't recommend using above integration if you are using only subset of data, check which data is in scope and then verify it makes sense to use the integration

  • Hi Siddharth,

    SAP HCM system has one employee (Pernr not CP) occupies two positions (S) at the same time. This is their definition of concurrent employment.

    In SF, an employee(personIdExt) gets two different userIds and each userId occupies a separate position. The customer can't change the way SAP works due to other dependencies.

    Is it possible to integrate SF to SAP as is?