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Planning functionalities supported in SAC live connection to BPC Embedded Model

Sep/17/2020: this blog is replaced by SAP Note 2969947. It will not get updated anymore. Please refer to SAP Note 2969947 for latest information.


This document provides an overview of the SAC and BPC features supported in the live connection of SAC to the BPC Embedded model(planned to be delivered in wave 2018.18, subject to change). The BPC live connection supports the analytics functions as the BW live connection. In addition, the BPC live connection supports planning functionalities in SAC and BPC.

The BPC live connection combines the beauty of SAC and BPC embedded model.

  • SAC analytics tables/charts can be leveraged as a client creating a highly flexible, LOB-tailored user experience.
  • The powerful planning engine in BPC embedded can be used to realize an advanced and complex enterprise-wide planning.

This document describes the supported and unsupported planning functionalities in the BPC live connection. For details for BI functionalities, which are not in the scope of this document, please refer to the document BW live connection. The integration supports BPC, version for NetWeaver 10.1 and BPC, version for BW/4HANA 11. BPC, add-on for S/4HANA, is not supported at this time.

Supported Planning Functionalities (white-list)

BPC embedded model / BW

  • Session management. The concept of the planning session is used. In one planning session a user can transfer data into the backend buffer, revert the value in buffer, or submit buffer value to database. BPC user locking is used in SAC. If one user is using the data in change mode then no other user can change the data.  If user only wants to view data but not change data, user can switch to read-only mode in SAC story for an input-ready query, then user can view data in SAC story w/o BPC user lock in BPC backend.
  • Multiple Key figures. A query with multiple key figures is created as a measure model in SAC. Planning is supported in multiple key figures.
  • Inverse formulas defined in BW queries can be used.
  • Disaggregation methods in BW queries (no disaggregation, disaggregation of entered values, disaggregation of difference to entered value) can be applied when data is transferred to backend.
  • BW Query with currency translation. Currency translation is triggered on-the-fly when data is transferred to backend.
  • BW Master data query. Attribute and Text can be edit via master data query.
  • Work status / Data slice. BPC Work status/data slices are used. Data protected by a work status/data slice in SAC will also be protected in SAC
  • Data Access Profile (DAP). DAPs defined in BPC can be applied when a query is executed.. Data cells with read access only are read only in the SAC story./ Data cells with write access are input enabled in the SAC story./ Query data is not visible in the SAC story if a data cells without read/write access.
  • BW authorizations/environment authorizations are used.
  • Planning sequence when saving. A planning sequence defined in “Planning sequence when saving” is executed automatically when data is submitted to the backend.
  • Execute BW planning sequence. BW planning sequence can be added as a widget in SAC story and triggered from SAC story. Variables of planning sequences can be set. The planning function type file upload is NOT supported.
  • BW Short Comment. Characteristic as Keyfigure can be supported from SAC story. With such feature, short comment can be added/edited. The length limitation in BW is 256 characters.
  • Planning is supported in the following BW key figure types:
      • CURR – Currency Field in BCD Format
      • INT4
      • INT8
      • DEC – Packed Number in BCD Format
      • QUAN – Quantity Field in BCD Format


  • Planning on booked values / unbooked values. Data entry on booked value and unbooked value in SAC story triggers a data transfer to BPC backend buffer, and user can submit data to backend.
  • Copy/Paste inside grid. User can copy data from other cells or Excel, and paste the data to any cells in table.  After value is copied to target cells in table, data is transferred to BPC and calculations (incl. disaggregation) are executed in BPC, then new data after calculation is returned to SAC.
  • Save/Revert All. Data changes in the BPC buffer can be saved/reverted in the SAC story. Revert is only ‘all or nothing’, no undo of steps.
  • Cell lock. A cell lock can be triggered in the SAC story to allow users to prevent individual cells of the table from being updated.
  • Mass data entry can be used. The data changes are transferred to BPC backend when planner exits Mass Data Entry mode.
  • Restricted measures added in SAC story are plannable. The restricted measures are converted to transient restricted key figures in the BW query.
  • SAC calculations measure can be created. They are not input enabled. BI functionalities can refer to BW live connection
  • Chart and other widgets can be created. BI functionalities can refer to BW live connection
  • Blending table/chart can be supported. Refer to online help.
  • SAC stories with BPC live models can be used in digital boardroom

Known unsupported Planning Functionalities (black-list)

Apart from the supported functions list, the list below is known unsupported planning functionalities. Please note the functions, which don’t appear in supported list nor unsupported list, are treated as unsupported functions.

BPC embedded model / BW

  • BPC BPF integration. SAC story can be added as a generic hyperlink step in BPF, however context/parameter can’t be passed from BPF to SAC hyperlink.
  • Data point comments
  • Text-based key figures
  • BW local query
  • Set Work status
  • Cell-based / multi-dimensional privileges
  • New line/member on-the-fly
  • Physical Deletion in the Query (particular on master data)
  • YTD is not supported in planning
  • Planning function type file upload is NOT supported in planning sequence triggered from SAC story
  • Universal display hierarchy in BW query. Reporting is supported, while Planning is not supported (such as inputing data is not supported).


  • Advanced Filter
  • Member on the fly
  • Advanced Planning (Spreading, Distribute, Assign)
  • Structured Allocation
  • Data action (incl. Advanced formula)
  • Data lock
  • Smart Copy
  • Version Management
  • Undo/Redo of steps; Undo/Redo history
  • Input task
  • Data Point Comment
  • VDT
  • Predictive
  • Forecast/Rolling forecast


It is worth noting that this live connection only uses the UI of SAC, while the engine of SAC is bypassed while the BPC engine is used. All SAC features using the SAC planning engine are not and will never be supported in this scenario. To leverage these capabilities, the data needs to be replicated to SAC, using the import / export capabilities of SAC.

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      Author's profile photo Haitham Bakheet
      Haitham Bakheet

      Hi Sarau Shen,

      Thank you for your illustration, so if I choose to go for importing data from BW to SAC, I will be able to manage all the unsupported functionalities in the live connection including the VDT, just to confirm is that correct?

      Author's profile photo Sarau Shen
      Sarau Shen
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Haitham, the unsupported functionalities talked in this blog are applied to live connection to BPC. If you go for data import instead of live connection, you are able to use SAC functionalities as data sits in SAC model.


      Author's profile photo Henry Banks
      Henry Banks

      Hi Sarau Shen,

      I just noticed some of your wave links (thanks for updating when the feature is released!)  are pointing to a SAP internal JIRA reference.

      Might I suggest instead that you repoint those to the release notes on the SAC microsite? for example:

      Trigger planning sequence on BW Live

      cheers, H

      Author's profile photo Naveen Pathipaka
      Naveen Pathipaka

      Hi Sarau Shen,

      I feel this is a great blog for SAC folks to understand the limitations and features. Thanks much!

      I see that this blog is published in 2018.

      It would be helpful if you let me know, are the below features available now in latest version of SAC?

      Known unsupported Planning Functionalities (black-list) BPC embedded model / BW

      1) Data point comments
      2) BW Master data query
      3) Planning is not support in master data query
      4) New line
      5) Physical Deletion in the Query (particular on master data)

      1) Data Point Comment

      Thank you in advance!




      Author's profile photo Kostia Kharchenko
      Kostia Kharchenko

      Hi Sarau,
      Hi everyone,

      we use BPC model in Analytical Application, but it is not possible to set Query Variable from the script.

      The issue is exactly 100% as described here:

      Do you have an idea whether it is a bug / not supported / by design?

      Kind regards,

      Author's profile photo Shivashankar Kartheek
      Shivashankar Kartheek

      Hi All,

      I know there are certain limitations with respect to features of Embedded BPC in SAC with live data connection. For example below operations are not possible.

      Value Driver Tree, Input Task, Version Management, Data Actions etc.

      Any one have idea on what is the road map of SAP on enabling above above features in Embedded BPC In SAC (Live Connection). Because i am not able to find information on above topics on SAP Road Map Explorer.

      Also is there any way of directly executing Planning Function From story, I know currently we have an option to execute Planning Sequence from Story but not Planning Function, Is this option available in Road Map?

      Author's profile photo Giacomo Migliorini
      Giacomo Migliorini

      Hi I have a BW4HANA 2.0 with component BPC4HANA installed and a BW query that is ready for input and I want to allow data entry with this query from SAC.

      I'm trying to create a Model in SAC but any model I can create is always defined as "analytical" (both if I create as live connection and if i create from scratch) and i am not allowed to switch the Planning & Time range selector to ON.

      Can anyone suggest on this?

      Author's profile photo Henry Banks
      Henry Banks

      Hi Giacomo Migliorini does this more recent blog with screenshots help you ?

      regards, h