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The SAP Community has spoken!

During the summer, we invited members to nominate peers for our Hero Programs: the Developer Heroes and the newly launched Community Heroes.

We had a solid group of candidates, and while we couldn’t grant the hero award to all nominees, those who received a nomination should keep in mind that their contributions did draw the attention of someone who appreciates what they do — which is an achievement in and of itself. (On a personal note, then, I’d like to thank Sergio Guerrero for the shout-out during the nomination process. )

As noted in the original post, our plan was to name the heroes during SAP TechEd 2018 Las Vegas — and so here we are! Please join me in congratulating the following…

Community Heroes

Developer Heroes

In addition to the recognition from this blog post, we are saluting our heroes by giving them special hero badges (visible in the reputation section of their profiles). And at each SAP TechEd event, we’ll be hanging banners with their pictures, to celebrate their accomplishments. So if you’re at one of the those shows, and you see a face that you saw on the banner, and you have one of those “Hey, that person looks familiar” moments, go up and introduce yourself. You may find yourself talking to one of the heroes.

And if it turns out to be a case of mistaken identity, then worst-case scenario, you make a new community connection. Which might just put you on the path to herohood for next year.

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    1. Matt Fraser

      Why is it that now the Tina Turner song We Don’t Need Another Hero (from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome) is running through my head? Oops! 😉

        1. Jerry Janda Post author

          While I’m a huge Mad Max fan, Bonnie Tyler’s song was the one running through my mind as I wrote this piece. (‘sides, we /do/ need another hero. Can never have enough. Sorry, Tina.)

          1. Matt Fraser

            I took a look through Tina Turner’s lyrics to see if I could twist it into something meaningful in this context, something along the lines of “we don’t need another hero, because we are all our own heroes…” but, alas, the song is very movie-specific and doesn’t seem to really have any deeper meaning. In fact, it’s quite dark.

  1. Vincent Weiss

    Thank you.


    And if you want to catch me in real life, I will be at SAP TechEd Barcelona and at SAP Inside Track NL (and next year again at others near The Netherlands). 🙂

    1. Vincent Weiss

      Thank you. Yeah you deserve it retroactive definitely. 🙂

      It’s that you mentioned it, but I missed that Badge part. And the Badge missed my “active” profile, ended up on my previous company profile, with my precious nickname, which can’t be changed :'(
      (Former Member) <– And can’t be linked :’)

      1. Caroleigh Deneen

        Vincent, I can help. I have uploaded the badge to the vfweissd profile, you should see it there now. It will be removed from the vfweiss profile tomorrow. Congratulations!

  2. Phil Cooley

    Thankyou very much, I am really honoured to receive this award. I am truly thankful to be part of this great community and it only makes me more determined to try and assist in as many areas as possible! Thanks for the badge as well! Looks cool!

  3. Jelena Perfiljeva

    Thank you and congratulations to the winners!

    I’ve tried to “catch” as many as I could at TechEd in Vegas. Most are here but the rest is spread out all over my tweets, sorry! If anyone is interested in the picture files of better quality that Twitter allows – send me an email (address in the profile somewhere).


  4. Matt Fraser

    Thanks for the shout-out, Jerry, and what an honor (and surprise!) to be listed alongside such luminaries (I think I’ve used this word twice today; I’d better work on expanding my vocabulary). Honestly, I don’t think I’ve done much to deserve this, or at least not nearly as much as some of the others here. To the rest of you, congratulations!

    And, I hope to meet as many of you as possible in Barcelona in a few weeks!



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