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Author's profile photo Daniel Enderli

Why the new Test-Suite in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is great for S/4 HANA


Due to the situation, that many companies transform their systems and processes to S/4 HANA testing will be an included part of that and is important. To reflect this situation SAP has developed a new Test-Suite inside SAP Solution Manager 7.2 which brings a lot of functionalities which are designed specially for the S/4 transformation.


New User Experience

Yes – it’s build on SAP Fiori! With SAP Solution Manager 7.2 you have one central navigation by using the Fiori launchpad. The coresponding role Test Suite includes all Fiori apps which are available for the Test-Suite.

For S/4 HANA transformation projects this will bring the benefit for the endusers (testers) that they work with the same unified user interface. This will improve the user experience in the system under test as well as in Solution Manager.


Work smart – you just need a web browser to access the Test-Suite

Because SAP Fiori is running on any web browser you can use any mobile devices with a web browser to access the Test-Suite and execute test cases or report defects. This will brings freedom for testers. And it is a state of the art work environment in the age of digital transformation.


Business content for testers

To help testers understand the business process and its content there are several features which leads the testers. Things that helping the testers are:

  • The business process hierarchy
  • End-to-End scenarios
  • Process diagramms
  • Test cases
  • Executables
  • Roles and permissions
  • Further documentation

Source: SAP


New Executable Types

Now it is possible to create Fiori executable types and assign them to test cases. Testers can jump into the system under test and use the relevant Fiori app for the test execution.

There is also one executable type for SAP Success Factors.

Re-use of test cases

Thanks to the new concept of the libraries, it is possible to make test cases re-usable. Generic test cases should be stored in the process step library and are therefore available again when reusing this process step in the process structure.

Specific test cases which belongs to only one process or process step can be stored directly at the level of the process structure. They are not included in the process step library and are not re-usable.


Flexible selection of test cases from the process step library or process structure

In the test case selection inside a test plan you have the choice to select test cases either from the process step library or the process structure. This will brings flexibility to select these test cases which best fits for the relevant test scope.


Early Development Tests or Smoke Tests

Test first and test early is important. To enable an early test phase you can create a test plan only with executables and no test cases. This could help, if the test cases are still in preparation and needs time to finalize them. Also on level of the executables it is possible to report a status of the execution line “test passed” or “test failed”. With that the test manager still have control of which executables have already passed the test and which are still open. Also you can report defects.



This are just a few things why the new Test-Suite in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is great for S/4 HANA. A smooth integration between the Test-Suite and the systems under test brings more functionalities and also comfort for testers.



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      Author's profile photo Rohan Shirude
      Rohan Shirude

      Hello Daniel,

      Nice and very helpful blog.

      I have one question here with regards to Licensing Cost of SAP Solution Manager 7.2. In which cloud technology i.e. SAP S/4 HANA Public Cloud or Private Cloud there is no licensing cost is involved for SAP Solution Manager 7.2? If you can provide me any specific link or document about this then it's really helpful.

      Thank you so much.


      Best regards,

      Rohan Shirude

      Author's profile photo Daniel Sassaki
      Daniel Sassaki

      Hi Rohan,

      Most of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 features can be used without additional license costs as part of the support contract. Please find additional information at

      Additionally, SAP offers additional capabilities called Focused Solution. In this case, customers have to pay for a subscription (250 euros per user), unless they have a premium engagement contract (e.g. MaxAttention). For more details please visit

      Author's profile photo Guido Humberg
      Guido Humberg

      Hi Daniel,

      just for the records: Please see for updated license policy.




      Author's profile photo Daniel Sassaki
      Daniel Sassaki

      Hi Guido,

      Thanks for sharing 😉 I'm aware about this new policy for FB. Hendrik is a friend of mine, so I read his post the moment he published it.



      Author's profile photo Kelsey Fehr
      Kelsey Fehr


      Hi Daniel- great article!

      We have been using Test Suite 7.2 on netweaver and are looking to move to Hana. All our test scripts/ test cases will be portable with no impact to their functionality from my understanding. Is this correct?


      Thank you!