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Part 2 : Creating Virtual Table in WEB IDE for Flat file present in Remote Source

Dear Readers,

In Previous Part – we have understood how to configure DP Agent and enable a connection from HANA to Flat File Reomote source.

In this Part 2 blog series  ,

Let’s create a virtual table for the object “FILECONTENTTEXT” present in the Remote Source ,FlatFile.

  1. Create following roles

2. Create a User Self Service through which the above roles will be assigned to the Container Object owner and Application User

Login to XS Command Line Interface and execute following command to create User Self Service

3. Update the mta.yaml file.

4. Select the src folder and build it.

5. Create a hdbgrants file

6. Select the src folder and build it.

7. Create a Virtual Table named as vtable

Right click on src-> New -> virtual table

8. Create a Virtualtable config file

Right click on src-> New -> File

Give name as vtable.hdbvirtualtableconfig

9. Select the src folder and build it.

So , now we have built the virtual table .

In the following blog Part 3 lets see how to build a flow graph to transfer data from Virtual Table to HANA Tables.

— Jairaj

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