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S/4HANA 1809 Migration Cockpit Release News & a few other Hints

Updated 16.11.2018

Hi all

today i had a chance to look at the new version in S/4HANA 1809, so i want to share this updates with you. if you are completely new to the topic of migration cockpit, please also check the links at the end of this document, as the focus of this blog is on the deltas.

what is the motivation to use migration cockpit?

  • Migrate data from Non-SAP Systems to SAP S/4HANA
  • Migrate data from SAP Systems to SAP S/4HANA
  • Greenfield or Migration from R/3, Rollouts by country or business unit
  • Generate Testdata/SampleData
  • Provide a comprehensive migration solution with no programming required by the customer
  • Map data structures between source and target systems
  • Easily integrate custom objects
  • Reduce test effort
  • Make the migration solution auditable


New Features in 1809 FPS0 Migration Cockpit:

New Button in step „convert values“ SKIP SIMULATE IMPORT

so you can imediately starting the Import for a faster process


New Button in step „execute import“ BACK TO CONVERT VALUES

(less clicks)


New Features in 1809 FPS0 Migration Object Modeler

Now it is possible to Simulate Import/Test the Function Module

New function for Mass Rule Proposal



Migration Cockpit Standard Content

(with Migration Object Modeler, you can add you own Objects)


Migration Cockpit Object Name Business Object Name Area Business Object Type
Activity price (restricted) Activity Price CO Master data
Activity type Activity Type CO-OM-CCA-MD Master data
Bank Bank Master Data FI Master data
Bank account balance Bank Account FIN-FSCM-FQM Transactional data
Batch (if Batch is unique at material level) Batch LO-BM Master data
Batch (if Batch level is at plant level) Batch LO-BM Master data
Cash memo record Bank Account FIN-FSCM-FQM Transactional data
Characteristic Classification Characteristic CA-CL Master data
Class Classification Class CA-CL Master data
Condition contract Condition Contract LO-GT-CHB Master data
Consent Consent Record CA Transactional data
Cost center Cost Center CO Master data
Customer Customer LO-MD-BP-CM Master data
Customer (deprecated) Customer LO-MD-BP-CM Master data
Customer – extend existing record by new org levels Customer LO-MD Master data
Customer -extend exist record by new org levels (deprecated) Customer LO-MD Master data
Customer material Customer Material SD Master data
Equipment Equipment PM Master data
Equipment task list Maintenance Task List PM Master data
Exchange rate Exchange Rate BC-SRV-BSF-CUR Master data
FI – Accounts payable open item Accounting Document FI Transactional data
FI – Accounts receivable open item Accounting Document FI Transactional data
FI – G/L account balance and open/line item Accounting Document FI Transactional data
Fixed asset (incl. balances and transactions) Fixed Asset FI Master data + Transactional data
Functional location Functional Location PM Master data
Functional location task list Maintenance Task List PM Master data
G/L account General Ledger Account FI-GL-IS Master data
General task list Maintenance Task List PM Master data
Inspection method Inspection Method QM-PT-BD Master data
Inspection plan Inspection Plan QM-PT-IP Master data
Internal order (restricted) Internal Order FI-GL-IS Transactional data
Legal transaction Legal Transaction LCM-LT Transactional data
Maintenance item Maintenance Item PM Master data
Maintenance plan Maintenance Plan PM Master data
Master inspection characteristic Inspection Specification QM-PT-BD Master data
Material Material LO-MD-MM Master data
Material BOM Bill of Material LO-MD-BOM Master data
Material classification Classification Valuation/Product CA-CL Master data
Material consumption Product LO-MD Master data
Material – extend existing record by new org levels Product LO-MD Master data
Material inspection setting Product QM Master data
Material inventory balance Material Stock MM-IM Transactional data
Material long text Product LO-MD Master data
Material trade classification Product MM-IM Master data
Pricing condition (general) Price Condition SD-MD-CM, CO, MM-PUR Master data
Pricing condition (purchasing) Price Condition MM Master data
Pricing condition (sales) Price Condition SD Master data
Production version Production Version PP Master data
Profit center Profit Center FI, CO Master data
Purchase order (only open PO) Purchase Order MM-PUR Transactional data
Purchase scheduling agreement Purchase Scheduling Agreement MM-PUR Transactional data
Purchasing contract Purchase Contract MM-PUR Transactional data
Purchasing info record- extend existing record Purchasing Info Record MM-PUR-VM Master data
Purchasing info record with conditions Purchasing Info Record MM-PUR Master data
QM/PM catalog code group/code Inspection Code Group QM-PT-BD Master data
QM selected set Inspection Selected Set QM-PT-BD Master data
QM selected set code Inspection Selected Set QM-PT-BD Master data
Routing Routing PP-BD-RTG Master data
Sales contract Sales Contract SD Transactional data
Sales order (only open SO) Sales Order SD Transactional data
Software/Hardware constraint Software Constraint PLM-ESD-ESC Master data
Source list Source List MM-PUR Master data
Supplier Supplier LO-MD-BP-VM Master data
Supplier (deprecated) Supplier LO-MD-BP-VM Master data
Supplier – extend existing record by new org levels Supplier LO-MD Master data
Supplier- extend exist record by new org levels (deprecated) Supplier LO-MD Master data
VC – Variant configuration profile Variant Configuration Profile LO-VC Master data
Work center Work Center PP-BD-WKC, QM Master data
Xceptional case – Material price chng for global currencies Product CO-PC-ACT Master data

this list comes from:

Login with s-user and click on test script:



Obsolete function module for Business Partner Migration

2506041 – S4TWL – API RFC_CVI_EI_INBOUND_MAIN is not supported from the release S/4 HANA OP 1709 FPS2 and in Cloud Edition 1805 onwards

(Use new Migration Object with new API, the old migration object is still available but ‘deprecated’)



Planned for 1809 FPS1:

New Fiori Application (not a webdynpro any more!) to extract Data directly from R/3 and transfer by RFC and Migration Cockpit into S/4HANA

there is a Filter Condition (Like Company Code), it should be possible to adapt the criteria for the Data Selection.

New Features from older Releases:

1709 FPS2:


with this report you can upload Migration-Files (or staging tables) directly from sapgui without using the browser (faster process for simulations/tests iterations)

also check:

Note 6301833 Run an import simulation for a file migration object

Note 2665339 S/4HANA 1709 FPS01 / FPS02 – Migration – Run an import simulation for a staging migration object


There are new functions for Debugging and create Test-Data in the Simulate Import Report.


Large Files:

Upload Large Files: From 1709 FPS2 its also possible to upload ZIP Files

with Parameter icm/HTTP/max_request_size_KB you can increase the Size Limit to 160MB, this is also the maximum size Limit for the ZIP File.


Staging Tables

It is now possible to use Staging Tables instead of Files as input source for migration cockpit:

so the source-staging-tables are on a different database/schema and can be filled by any tool (abap/sql/etc)

also check this blog:

be sure you also check the note mentionned in blog as some restrictions are with staging tables compared to file.

it is now also possible to use more than one data Transfer Job in parallel when working with staging tables.



Mandatory Fields

if you want to change fields to be optional, you can do this in /NLTMOM by changing the view:

Goto Detail View / change from ‚Expected‘ to ‚enabled‘

like this you can avoid error message on uploading the files.

(of Course if the function or Customizing requires this field it will produce an error message)


SAP Notes:

Use Report DMC_NOTE_ANALYZER to list all Migration cockpit related notes which have not been implemented.



Further Documentation

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  • Thanks for sharing this Jorg

    I am working in 1610 little behind and have a requirement to keep the same BP for Vendor/Customer during data migration, We are using the standard DMC with some extra fields. Can you please share your comments or guidance for the same. Thanks.


    Atul Saxena

    • there will be a new solution for 1809 (knowledge base article/new api)


      for 1709em you can something like this:

      load customers

      then load vendors with the link to the customer

      do enhancement of the api (or solve same in mapping)


      function rfc_cvi_ei_inbound_main.
      """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""$"$:(1) Funktionsbaustein RFC_CVI_EI_INBOUND_MAIN, Anfang                                                                                                 A
      *$*$-Start: (1)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$*$*
      ENHANCEMENT 1  Z_RFC_CVI_EI_INBOUND_MAIN_MIG.    "active version
      if not it_sup_general[] is initial.
      data: ls_sup_general like line of it_sup_general.
      field-symbols: <ls_bp_general> type  CVIS_BP_GENERAL.
      clear ls_sup_general.
      read table it_sup_general into ls_sup_general index 1.

      if not ls_SUP_GENERAL-KUNNR is initial.
      loop at it_bp_general assigning <ls_bp_general>.
      clear  <ls_BP_GENERAL>-BPARTNERGUID.
      <ls_bp_general>-object_task = 'U'.



      if the address is not the same for customer and vendor, the vendor will overwite the values


  • Hello Jörg Knaus,


    Thanks a lot for explaining these ..!!! In 1809, When I am using the app "Migrate your Data" , and option --> Migrate Data Directly from SAP System ,


    I am not getting anything in the Combo Box/Drop Down - Connection to Source System and It is a mandatory field as well.  Please let me know where I should add this information to see list of Source Systems

  • Hi Jorg, thanks for the blog.


    At the moment in general there seems to be 2 main recommended options for data migration to S/4 – the Migration Cockpit and SAP Data Services. Data Services has the advantage of the extract functionality.

    In terms of recommended Best Practices roadmap for future Data Migrations, does the addition of the direct extract feature from SAP source systems (potentially in 1909) indicate a phasing out of the use of SAP Data Services – at least with respect to SAP Source -> S/4 data migrations?



    • i can't speak for sap product management

      my opinion: the tool depends on the use case

      a) migration of master data and open items / small volume:

      migrate from one r3 to one s4 withouth much data harmonization i like migration cockpit and direct read

      if you have one small legacy system you can use migration cockpit and excel or staging tables

      if you have multiple sources, maybe also non-sap sources, and lots of data cleansing etc, maybe you look at data services



      for the migration of large data volumes and document data (even historic documents) we use slo tools like snp




  • Hi Jörg,

    thanks for the explanation. We are now preparing the migration from a ECC system. We made several tests with  the migration cockpit and it´s working well. The only handicap is, that we need a lot of time to harmonize the data from the ECC system, that it fits to the S/4 template structure. Do you have any hint, or experience from other projects to reduce these efforts?


    Thanks for you support


    • If you create customizing only client and convert this to s4, you wouldn't have much efforts for value mappings

      Or what is meant by harmonize (like duplicates?)


    • Hi Jörg,

      our problem is that the order of the fields you download from an LFA1 is different from the order in the XML template. So we tried several ways of harmonizing these tables, but it´s still a lot of manual work. When you think about more than 200 fields in the material master data.

      Thanks Claudia

  • Hello Jorg,


    Do you know if we can migrate multiple suppliers under 1 BP using migration cockpit. I have internal number range for both BP and suppliers.


    Thanks in advance for your response.


    • the feature with 1:n is new with 1809 in sap standard, in sapgui it is not possible only in fiori, before it was only 1 Vendor for one BP.

      not sure if this works already in migration cockpit, you have to test it, but use the newest migration cockpit object for vendor not the obsolete version with the old bapi

      for internal number you will have the problem to identify which vendors should go to the same vendor...