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Setting up the relational connection from SAP BusinessObjects BI (BI) to the SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse (BW) is a complex configuration. Many errors are encountered, from the initial error attempting a connection from the Information Design Tool to performance or timeout errors in Web Intelligence.


To assist in a remedy of these issues I have created a step through guidance to check if your configuration was accurately created and configured on both the BI platform and the BW backend.

I will be adding additional troubleshooting links to this page for the most seen issues for connectivity.

I see issues fall into three groups:

  1. Connection Errors
  2. Semi-join Errors
  3. Query Errors


Some issues that have been encountered for Connection Errors:

  • Configure the BI Environment for a BW Relational Connection for Optimal Performance.
  • Preparing the BW for a Connection to SAP BI for reporting with a Universe.
  • Multisource Universe Timeouts with BW Connection.
  • Webi Report on BW UNX has poor performance.
  • Webi Report on BW UNX Error.
  • An error occurred while trying to ping the server: SAP NetWeaver BW has reported an RFC error: Error during RFC callback: Error when opening an RFC connection (CPIC-CALL: ‘ ThSAPOCMINIT’ : cmRc=2 thRc=67.
  • Error registration of DF_JCO_Servername from host ??? not Allowed.
  • Error [Data Federator Driver] [Server] [Connector ‘testSourceConnection1234567890’] Timeout expired while testing the connection. Please check the configuration parameters.
  • Error Registration of top <program ID> not allowed.
  • JCO_ERROR_ILLEGAL_STATE: Current server state dead.
  • Could not retrieve InfoProvider tables from data source.  An error occurred while trying to ping the server:  The SAP BW server reported an RFC error:  Error during RFC callback:Function RSDRI_DF_RECEIVER not found.

For the connection the first step is to check if the configuration is correct with a guided answer

Configuring the BI BW Relational Connection for Optimal Performance

Also, it can be accessed through the knowledge base article:

2697474 Configuring the BI BW Relational Connection for Optimal Performance

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