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So I decided to jump into the QA system over the past couple of days and take a look at the progress the various teams are making in a very large amount of updates going live this week!

We’ve been pretty much heads down on the technology side of the house pushing multiple changes through but I felt the progress was going so well it was time to share a bit and I thought a quick 3 minute video would be good.

Well it turns out there are a heck of lot more changes going live than I thought and even with a bit of cutting I still have a rather long video, so if you go through the whole thing – thanks!

I tried to cover as many areas as possible from the new homepage, topic pages (what you find under the Developer area now) to the new event listings, new profile, Q&A (as in the questions and answers area) to things still to come.

Again this was our actual QA environment and things were still in the middle of changes so there are a few bits and pieces that are rough and several more being added up through the week.

As it stands now, provided they don’t hit any major bugs or issues we should be in for a treat this week!

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    1. Vadim Kalinin
      Strange that I do not see bookmarks… may be will be added later!

      And some bugs:

      Strange numbers after “Draft” and “Under Review”. If I click on “Draft” or “Under Review” – the full list of my content will be shown.

      Also strange that deleted content is shown:

      Bug, to my mind.

      P.S. Looks like it’s not a bug (deleted content), it’s a feature!



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