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Author's profile photo Josh Bentley

This blog post won’t save your life, but it will save some lines of code.

I start with a poem.  Someone at the SAP Cloud Platform Twitter, (@sapcp) account said I was poetic once, so now I want to try and live up to that.  One of my favorite bands, Metric, just released their 7th album today and they are rather poetic so I’m listening to the Art of Doubt LP while composing my prose.  I will use different forms of poetry from time to time, but for this one, let’s go with a digital Blackout poem (too lazy to grab the paper and a marker).

I’m not sure which is better, but If you want to read the entire blog post without the Blackout, here you go.



What if I could tell you the most popular language for coding in 30 years?  Would that interest you, or do you care more about what makes you happy than what’s the most popular?  So then, what if, instead, I offered you a way to code that you may not be using?  Everyone is different, but I hold in my heart an affinity for logic.

I love when people stay right, except to pass, on the expressway.



I squeeze my toothpaste from the end.


I don’t like my food to touch on the plate.



Ok, that last one may just be an issue for me.

You know what else I like?  SDK’s. If you want to program in Java, go ahead, it’s more popular than Swift.  That’s a fact at this time, not an opinion.  If you want to program in Swift, and Java and other languages, I am fine with that, but don’t start from zero every time for every app.  If you want to save yourself having to code things for a mobile device like:

  • Authentication
  • Push
  • UI design
  • Offline/Online
  • Logger


…then wouldn’t it be a more LOGICAL way to code by using a repeatable, approved and secure set of code instead of writing those lines on your own?

So that’s enough of the persuasive writing.  Here are some links to the SAP Cloud Platform SDK’s for mobile app development and a few more technical blog post.  Give them a look and try out some of the features I listed above in your mobile app.  Here is some overview info:

/* SDK for iOS */

/* SDK for Android */


Here is a great blog post from Daniel Van Leeuwen and  is another blog post from Britt Womelsdorf on the Android SDK.


In my opinion, these SDK’s are awesome and logical, but I would love your feedback.  Look for more great information on these SDK’s at SAP TechEd this year.


Hope to see you there.


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      Author's profile photo Jeff Durnwald
      Jeff Durnwald

      Great post Josh.

      SDK’s have enabled more innovation than any single programming language, operating system, or piece of hardware. Using them keeps the focus on the business problem. It’s all very logical.

      Author's profile photo Josh Bentley
      Josh Bentley
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Jeff  for the judos, and I agree.  SAP helps run the business via apps, and an sdk is a great example of focusing the business on the problem they need to solve, not the hardware or language being used.  Hope to see you soon my friend.


      Author's profile photo Dhrubajyoti Rakshit
      Dhrubajyoti Rakshit


      To start off the learning process, would you suggest Java or Kotlin?


      Author's profile photo Josh Bentley
      Josh Bentley
      Blog Post Author

      I'm not into apps that rely on statistics but do see the power of what the JetBrains team has done, so I would go Java.  But since Kotlin runs on a JVM I can see value in both but would start with Java if it was me.  Does that help?