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Part 1: Optimal Browser Settings for Performance In Your S/4HC System

This is the first of a 3 Part Blog Series in which we provide insight on Performance within S/4HC.

Performance in the World of Cloud.

One of the major transition pieces for customers moving to S/4HC Public Cloud, especially if moving from SAP On-Premise, is the fact that performance monitoring in cloud does not give Performance guru’s the same level of access to backend transactions to see what happens ‘under the hood’ as in S/4HC, as our Cloud Operations team are doing the job for you.

S/4HC has a number of health alerts and threshholds via Wily alerts to constantly monitor work process and performance so this Blog series intends to give some recommendations and pointers as to how you might optimize end-user experience.

Some of the major differences are also felt because you are running applications, even though optimized on S/4H for cloud, over Public Internet. So if huge data flows are consumed, this might not result in sub-second response time.

In the 2nd part of the Blog series, we discuss caching, page groupings and search, plus issues experienced during first logon that may be reported by end-users and in the 3rd part of the blog series, we take a look at some of the tracing tools commonly used.

  • Working with the Browser

The SAP Fiori Launchpad should work with default settings work in the most cases. Only in case of performance issues, please check and when necessary change the settings.

  • Latest and Greatest Browser Versions: Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox 

Regardless of your preference or choice of browser , it is important to always use the latest browser version!

Important note: From Q1/2021, IE11 (Internet Explorer version 11) is out of maintenance for S/4HC
(Please refer to the Browser Support Platform Wiki to keep up to date with the latest changes)

Tip: Check the Browser version by Settings > Help > About Google Chrome

: For IE > check the Latest Version by clicking the tools (cog) icon and ‘About Internet Explorer’ – the pop-up will prompt you if your browser version can be updated.

For Firefox the navigation steps are very similar > Help > About Firefox and again you will be prompted if your version requires update.

  • Avoid the use of Incognito Mode and Private Browsing:

As tempting as it is to go incognito (Chrome) or use Private Browser or Private Window mode (IE and Firefox)  – our recommendation is don’t!

Many of the performance issues that our teams see (and not limited to Fiori Launchpad but with other environments also) are as a result of the use of incognito mode and private browsing.

Why: When running Fiori Launchpad in a private mode, Fiori Launchpad is not taking advantage of the browser static cache and as a result, performance may suffer.

  • Firefox and Internet Explorer: Remember your History

Tip: If using Firefox, do not clear history when exiting the browser  – this can be unchecked in preferences > history (clear history when Firefox closes)

In addition  – in the privacy tab, always ensure that you have the setting to “Remember History”

In Internet Explorer: > Options > Ensure Delete Browsing History on Exit remains Unchecked


  • Caching in S/4HC and Checking the Cache Size.

S/4HC has built in caching capabilities so regular cache clearing is not necessary and can also lead to issues with increased load time as apps then need to re-load, this is an issue sometimes seen with Chrome, so you can check that you have Chrome correctly set as follows.

Type chrome://net-internals/#httpCache page into the Chrome address bar and check Cache on left hand side





So with a better insight into how S/4HC handles caching, loading of apps and best used without incognito or private browsing mode and use of Browser Settings; lets move to

Part 2 – Best Practice for Performance: Setting up your S/4HC Homepage and Role Groupings 

Part 3 – Capturing Systems Performance using HTTPWatch and Chrome Developer Tools

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