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What do you need to start learning SAPUI5?


Good morning everyone! Summer vacancy has ended by weeks and here at Techedge Lucca office, we are already busy on developing amazing SAPUI5 applications for our client and doing some nice stuff during R&D hours.

At the start of September, some cool guys also joined our team, they are fresh from University and they are really hungry to learn how to design and develop amazing web apps with SAPUI5.

That’s why I’ve started to collects internally on the web some links in order to create “The perfect journey to become a SAPUI5 Ninja Developer”.

I’ve also started to write down some exercise (from easy to hard) in order to test what they’ve learned but I will share those in a second blog post as soon I’ve finished them.

Where do I start to follow “The perfect journey to become a SAPUI5 Ninja Developer”

SAPUI5 is an MVC (Model-View-Controller) web framework developed by SAP to create amazing enterprise-grade web applications.

OpenUI5 is the open-source version of SAPUI5. To be precise, SAPUI5 just extends OpenUI5 adding some additional UI-Control like Viz (chart) and FilterBar but at the end of the day, you can do pretty much everything just with OpenUI5.

Documentations and useful links

  • Documentation: various documentation about different topics. The first step you should do is to follow the whole Walkthrough that will show you how to create a SAPUI5 application from A to Z.
  • Open Courses SAP: here you will find a ton of free courses made by SAP developers on many topics. For SAPUI5 development I would suggest you Developing Web Apps with SAPUI5.
  • API Reference: here you will find useful information about models, controls with details about their properties, events, methods, aggregations and which class they are extending
  • Samples: they are fundamental to see in actions every UI control. For each control, it will show you some real use-case scenario and how to configure them to have the same results. Clicking on the top-right icon of the example will allow you to access the source code of the example
  • it’s a service developed by SAP that offers a complete set of cloud‑based tools to design and build your enterprise app, from low-fidelity to high-fidelity prototype
  • SAP Cloud Platform Trial (for developer): is an open platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that delivers in-memory capabilities, core platform services, and unique microservices for building and extending intelligent, mobile-enabled cloud applications. You can register a free trial account on
  • SCN: SAP community network, it’s the main community site where you can find Blog posts and QA made by SAP developers, mentors or users (think about it like StackOverflow).
  • OpenUI5 Slack: this is our unofficial Slack channel where you can discuss an talk about SAPUI5 and other topics like WebIDE, HANA, custom controls and so on. Here you will also find SAP core developers to directly talk to.
  • OpenUI5 GitHub repo: this is the official GitHub repository of OpenUI5 (in the SAP repo you will also find other interesting projects like the new build tool or sample applications)
  • this is the official OpenUI5 application site
  • UI5Con: this is the main event about OpenUI5 (2017/2018) where you can find all the talks/hands-on session made with links to the slides, videos, and examples.
  • UI5Lab: this site is made by community members for community members 😉 This is where we develop and share new custom libraries and controls to teach newcomers.

At this point, you should have enough content to start with 😉

For every problem, suggestion or doubt don’t hesitate to write me a PM!

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      Author's profile photo Nigel James
      Nigel James

      Great set of links. I am going to be sending all the new ui5 devs I work with here 😉

      Author's profile photo Emanuele Ricci
      Emanuele Ricci
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks, Nigel, as I said keep in touch because I'm going also to build a step-to-step exercise. I think that I will be limited by what ES5 system can offer (I don't think I can do CRUDs). If I will see that there are too many limitations I will build a HANA version and share also it 😉

      Author's profile photo Eduardo Luczinski Junior
      Eduardo Luczinski Junior

      Excellent post! Thank you Ricci!

      Author's profile photo Prachi Bhalerao
      Prachi Bhalerao

      Super helpful post! I am already at Week 3 of the ' Developing Web Apps with SAPUI5.' course. Your post guided with what's next in my plate!

      Author's profile photo Emanuele Ricci
      Emanuele Ricci
      Blog Post Author

      I'm happy to hear that 😉 Let me know if you would like to get more content and what!

      Author's profile photo koushith B R
      koushith B R

      Thank you Emanuele, i'm a beginner and have lil experience in web development. i can see is from 2016. lots of things will be changed over time. is this course is updated ?? its been 3.6 years now.