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A reader of my previous blog post asked the question on how to include CO-PA characteristics residing on ACDOCA to the Line Item Browsers.

This was a very pertinent question because I did not cover this scenario in my previous blogs, and this will potentially impact any S/4 HANA Finance customer that is using the new account-based CO-PA.  So this post will describe how to add fields from the FI document tables ACDOCA, BKPF, or BSEG to the respective Line Item Browsers.


A little background first.  With the new account-based CO-PA in S/4 HANA Finance, Operating Concern characteristics are included in the Universal Journal table ACDOCA.  However, as described in SAP Note 2435383, SAP made a change so that CO-PA and other fields on ACDOCA are not automatically made available on the Line Item Browsers because there is a field limit on the HANA Views that are used with these transactions.  So depending on your Support Package level of S/4 HANA, you may not see CO-PA or other fields from ACDOCA in the Line Item Browsers.


Fortunately, any field on ACDOCA, BKPF, or BSEG that is not already included in the Line Item Browsers can be made available with simple development that is briefly mentioned in SAP Note 2435383, as long as you don’t exceed the maximum number of fields as described in that Note.  This method will be familiar to anybody who has appended fields to the BW FI extractors, you simply append the field that you want populated from the base table to the appropriate Structure, and the field is automatically filled in the transaction with no coding, BADI, or User Exit required.  To make this work, however, there are a few requirements.

First of all, you have to understand which transactions this method works with, and which base tables this method works with.  If SAP doesn’t specify this clearly, it’s trial and error.  I couldn’t find any detailed documentation other than Note 2435383, so through trial and error testing the following is what I found.  (My prototype system was an S/4 HANA 1709 On Premise “Trial” system from the SAP Cloud Appliance Library).

  1. For transaction FAGLL03H, you can automatically append any field from ACDOCA or BKPF, but not BSEG.
  2. For transaction FBL3H, you can automatically append any field from BSEG, but not ACDOCA or BKPF.
  3. I was not successful in automatically appending any fields from ACDOCA, BKPF, or BSEG on transactions FBL1H or FBL5H. I did not test transaction KE5ZH.

The second aspect you have to understand is what Structure you need to append on each transaction.  I had figured that I was going to have to modify the “Layout” Structure on each transaction (as outlined in Part 2 of my blog).  In testing this method on FAGLL03H and FBL3H, I discovered that I actually had to append the identical fields on two Structures for each transaction, which was not specifically mentioned in Note 2435383.  The first Structure is the Layout Structure, as I had figured, but I’m unclear on the purpose of the second related Structures.  The only reason I was able to figure this out is because Note 2435383 says to modify SGLPOS_N_CT or SGLPOS_N_GL_CT, so when my development didn’t initially work with an Append Structure on SGLPOS_N_GL_CT, I tried it on both Structures and it worked.   The development I made is summarized below.

Transaction Layout Structure appended Related Structure appended Base tables tested

The last aspect to understand is that you have to specify the exact field name and Data Element in the Structure as the field on the base table, because the transactions copy matching fields from the base tables to the Structure. If you don’t use the exact names this method won’t work. I should also mention that you can’t use a field on your Append Structure that already exists on the base Structure, but this would be a nonsensical requirement since the field would already be included in the transaction.

Following are screen prints of my development and the results, appending 2 fields from ACDOCA and 2 fields from BKPF to transaction FAGLL03H.

I created Append Structures on SGLPOS_N_GL_CT and SGLPOS_N_CT as shown.  The first two fields are from ACDOCA and the second two are from BKPF.  (As I mentioned above, I also tested FAGLL03H using a field from BSEG, and it was NOT populated).

SAP Note 2435383 describes that you need to run transaction HDBVIEWS afterward, and click “Generate All” (F8).  The reason for this step is apparently because the Line Item Browsers use HANA Views, and those must be regenerated to add the appended fields to the HANA Views.  You MUST perform this step or the development won’t work.

After HDBVIEWS is finished, run FAGLL03H again.  You’ll see that the appended fields appear in the “Additional Restrictions”.

When you go to “Change Layout”, you’ll find the appended fields, under the “Other Document Fields” group.

Place those fields in your Layout, and if the fields contain values, those values should appear.

Final comments:  I tried to append additional fields from SKA1 and SKB1 using this method, but not surprisingly it didn’t work.  I attempted using the actual fields names from SKA1 and SKB1 on the Append Structures, and also tried using names SKA1_field and SKB1_field, similar to the other fields from these tables that are on the Layout Structures.

From what I’ve researched, this requirement should be possible with a BADI Implementation, FAGL_LIB, but I haven’t  been able to experiment with this BADI yet.  If I do I’ll post another blog.

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