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Author's profile photo Divya Mary

Part 1: Enable SAP Open Connectors in trial

SAP Open Connectors simplifies and accelerates connectivity to third-party cloud applications. It provides robust, feature rich, prebuilt connectors to an extensible library of over 160 of the most popular third-party cloud applications and is available in SAP BTP trial for free tryout. In this blog, steps to enable SAP Open Connectors for trial purposes has been captured.

Open Connectors is now a part of SAP Integration Suite.  Refer this tutorial to enable Open Connectors as a capability of SAP Integration Suite trial.



Enable SAP Open Connectors in trial

  • For the first release of SAP Open Connectors, we are available in the Neo environment and therefore select Neo Trial.

  • SAP Open Connectors enriches capabilities of our Integration and Orchestration offering and is available in the Services tab under Integration category. Typing in open in the search field would quickly show the Open Connectors tile.

  • Select Open Connectors tile to view the service details.
  • By default in the trial account Open Connectors is not enabled. In order to enable/activate Open Connectors click on Enable button


  • While the service is getting provisioned, you may see a Processing status.


  • Once Open Connectors service is activated, the status would change to Enabled and the link Go to Service would get enabled.
  • Click on Documentation tab to view SAP Open Connectors help documentation. Click on Go to Service link to navigate to your SAP Open Connectors trial tenant.


  • You would be navigated to SAP Open Connectors Home or Landing page.



  • Click on the Connectors tab to view all the available pre-built, feature rich connectors


In the next part of the blog series, simplified connection to a third-party application from SAP Open Connectors has been covered.

To know more about SAP Open Connectors visit us at SAP Community

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      Author's profile photo Binod Mondal
      Binod Mondal


      Thanks for sharing.

      Author's profile photo Naresh Dasika
      Naresh Dasika

      Well explained with screenshots. I am able to reach open connectors page after going through this blog:)

      Author's profile photo Divya Mary
      Divya Mary
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Naresh,

      Thanks a lot for the kind words and happy that you found the blog useful.

      Thanks and Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Kuan Lu
      Kuan Lu

      Hi Divya,

      thanks a lot, it is very useful in our use case. Since currently it is still in Neo, do you know when will this be available in SAP CP Cloud Foundary version.

      best regards,


      Author's profile photo Divya Mary
      Divya Mary
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Kuan,

      Thanks a lot for the kind words. The Cloud Foundry availability is planned for Q1 2019 🙂 so i would say it just right around the corner.

      Thanks and Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Divya Mary
      Divya Mary
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Kuan,

      SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors is now available in Cloud Foundry Europe(Frankfurt) Region.

      More information in this blog.

      Thanks and Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Jan Almkvist
      Jan Almkvist

      I saw that there is a Connector for R/3 BAPI which I think sounds very interesting. Where can I read more about it and will it be available in the Trial Tenant?


      Many thanks!


      Author's profile photo Prasad Ulagappan
      Prasad Ulagappan

      Could you let me know when this Open connectors will be available in Neo Australia Sydney Region?

      Author's profile photo Ravi N
      Ravi N

      Hello experts,


      Open connector service is enabled for me but when I click on Take Action -> go to Serice

      page is coming as blank.

      attached image.

      Kindly help.

      Author's profile photo Nicolas Cabral
      Nicolas Cabral

      Many thanks for the useful blog Divya!


      Author's profile photo Narasimha Nelaturi
      Narasimha Nelaturi

      Nice blog Divya, thanks for sharing.

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Holger Schäfer
      Holger Schäfer

      Hi Divya,
      we are currently using the scp Portal using Azure Identity authentication for the Users.

      Now i would like to use a destination to msgraph api in the Context of the User to access User Data visualized by a ui5 App.

      Are the scp Open connectors the Right Tools for this?

      Regards Holger

      Author's profile photo Venkatauday Bommisetty
      Venkatauday Bommisetty

      Hi Divya,


      After enabling the open connectors service, I tried go to application . However I am getting No Authorization error. I am using cloud foundry instead of Neo. Are there any other steps to get the authorizations .


      Thanks in advance


      Author's profile photo Bernd Boehm
      Bernd Boehm

      You'd probably need to assign the roles (OpenConnectors_ ...) to a role collection and then add this collection to your user.

      Having said that - I did exactly that myself - but I  get the same error as you do.

      Author's profile photo Divya Mary
      Divya Mary
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Uday, Bernd,

      We continue to face an issue with new user’s Open Connectors trial on Cloud Foundry and our product engineering team is working with priority to resolve the issue. The issue impacts new users activating the service and for existing users no issues.

      As our team works on the fix, sharing an alternative approach for Open Connectors trial.

      Open Connectors is also available in the Neo environment and in case you have an existing Neo trial environment, then you can log into your Neo Environment ( from scroll down to the Environments region and then click Access Neo Trial), navigate to the Services tab and then select Open Connectors service tile ( available under category Integration Suite).

      The functionality of Open Connectors is the same between Neo & Cloud Foundry so you can leverage all the same features in both the environment.

      We will keep you both posted once the Cloud Foundry trial issues are resolved and we sincerly apologize for the inconvenience.

      Bernd Boehm , in case of Open Connectors, the user who activates the service is automatically assigned the necessary roles and therefore additional role assignment is not required for the user who activates Open Connectors. To add in more users to the Open Connectors tenant refer this blog 

      Thanks and Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Chris Hyman
      Chris Hyman



      When is this issue going to be resolved in Cloud Foundry trial? It's been almost 3 months since your post, but the issue persists

      Author's profile photo saurabh sharma
      saurabh sharma

      Hi Divya,

      After enabling the open connectors service and successfully navigated to SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors home page  i am facing an issue as "User lacks sufficient privileges for this request" when i am trying to select the option available on the left side of the home page.

      Can you please let me know if there is any specific Role name for it?

      I am using Neo Environment.



      Author's profile photo Rajarshi Syam
      Rajarshi Syam

      I am unable to find open connectors service, my neo subaccount is in US east, is that the problem?

      Author's profile photo Divya Mary
      Divya Mary
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Rajarshi,

      Open Connectors is now a part of SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite.  Refer this tutorial to enable Open Connectors via SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite trial.

      Thanks and Best Regards,



      Author's profile photo Arnaut Kamhoot
      Arnaut Kamhoot

      Hi Divya,

      Does this mean that the open connectors are not available for the NEO user anymore?

      The services screen lacks the option for Open Connectors where it was previously there.


      Author's profile photo Abhishek Kosuru
      Abhishek Kosuru

      Hello Divya,


      Thank you so much for posting about the open connectors. I am trying to get some help publishing an open connector to the catalogue. I am unable to find any resources to help point me to this process. Could you please refer me to any documentation or a meeting. We are a part of the SAP partner edge program and are looking to add our 3rd party connector to the catalogue.


      Thank you for your help and support.