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Going Mobile at TechEd Las Vegas

I found myself recently contemplating the concept of the Intelligent Enterprise.  More specifically I pondered the importance of mobile as a channel, as a platform for new business models, as an enabler for the oft over-used term digital transformation.

Let’s not get too philosophical here – as you know I’m a mobile guy, so my pondering was not so much about whether mobile was fundamental to the intelligent enterprise.  Instead, I wondered if people realize how critical it is to get their mobile strategy right.

SAP TechEd, SAP’s annual technical event for learning, collaboration, training and education can be a tremendously valuable vehicle for creating or refining your mobile (and digital overall) experience strategy, and with a little preparation you can make 2018’s experience in Las Vegas even more worthwhile.

The first question that you might have is “What sessions should I take”?  The answer is ALL OF THEM, of course!  And this year with the introduction of Learning Journeys to TechEd curriculum, finding mobile sessions has never been easier.  Learning Journeys are designed to focus on a specific persona, with a tailored curriculum designed to meet that persona’s needs and fulfill his/her personal and career objectives.  I recommend reviewing all of the SAP TechEd Learning Journeys for TechEd as a first step towards TechEd enlightenment.

SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services is SAP strategic solution for enterprise mobile application development.  Mobile Services enables customers, partners and SAP to build, deploy and run enterprise ready mobile apps that provide consumer grade user experience with enterprise integration, security and supportability.  It shouldn’t surprise you then, that all sessions related to Mobile Services can be found in the Consumer-Grade Experience Journey.  More specifically, you’ll want to check out the CGE4: Build Mobile Apps for the Digital Enterprise journey.   These are the sessions you want to take!   if you simply must look at the journey now, go ahead.  We’ll be here when you get back.

The next question you might ask is “Who do I talk to?”  I’m glad you asked!

I’d like to introduce you to the mobile superheroes; the folks at TechEd Las Vegas who can answer all your questions about mobile.  Keep this list handy and you’ll find yourself completely “in the know”!

Me (, Product Manager

Yes, I will be there.  Please come find me!  I have primary focus on the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android (which will go GA this month!), but I also have the roadmap session and a Lightening Talk about moving your mobile deployments to the cloud (where they should be!) I can help you out with a range of topics, from the overall digital experience, to SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service and its core development capabilities.  I’ll be participating in/leading the following courses:

Sanjeet Mall

Sanjeet is the head of SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service and iOT engineering.  He has a very deep and very varied technical background.    If you want to talk someone who has a broad vision for the service (and lots of good info on other topics as well), you should attend his session and find some time for a sit-down discussion.  Sanjeet will be kicking off the Explore aspect of the Learning Journey with an overview of Mobile Services, he’ll also be digging deeper into the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS:

Eric Solberg (, Product Manager

Eric has a long history in mobility, digital transformation and a variety of other topics, both mobile and from a broader perspective.  Eric could lead just about every one of the mobile sessions if we asked him to!  Ask him anything.  For TechEd, he’ll be conducting (with Krishna) the iOS hands on course:

Sue Berry  (, Product Manager

Sue spends a lot of time these days with our metadata driven development tool, otherwise known as the mobile development kit.  She also has deep expertise in our Agentry solution, both on-premise and in SAP Cloud Platform as Agentry Cloud Edition.  You can find her here (there and everywhere!):

Bill Froelich (, Mobile Development Kit Product Owner, Engineering

Bill is the product owner for the mobile development kit feature and also has deep experience with the Agentry and Syclo platforms.  Find Bill here:

Matt Carrier (, Product Manager

Matt’s been around the mobile space for as long as I can remember and has a variety of mobile skills that you should definitely take advantage of!  You can find Matt in the Consumer Grade Experience Area of the show floor when he’s not conducting his own session.  He’s focusing these days on SAP Mobile Cards, but you can ask him to demo anything, from Mobile Cards to the iOS/Android SDK to the mobile development kit.  Go Matt, Go Matt!!  Matt’s CodeJam on SAP Mobile Cards is not to be missed:

CGE647 – Build and Operate Cross-Platform Micro Apps with SAP Mobile Cards

Dan Van Leeuwen (, Senior Development Expert

Dan’s a prolific contributor to the SAP Community and is credited with some of most widely read blog posts around!  You might know him from his seminal work Getting Started with the Kapsel SDK, or Getting Started with the iOS SDK.  He has a great ability to help novices and experts alike advance their knowledge of Mobile Services and its components.  For TechEd Dan is diving head first into the Android SDK topic and will be driving (with me) the Android hands-on sessions:

Krishna Sunkammurali (, Product Manager

Looking for a strategic thinker who can also go deep deep deep?  Then Krishna is your guy.  Krishna’s specialty these days is the iOS SDK, but like all mobile PMs he can talk about all the major features of Mobile Services.  Krishna will be leading (with Eric) the iOS hands-on:

Sehwan Park, Senior UX Designer

Sehwan is a Senior UX designer with expertise in multi-cross platform from mobile design to digital product. In SAP, I am responsible for Fiori Android design, SDK and design guideline.  He’ll be delivering design related sessions for both native SDKs:

Mark Wright (, Customer Adoption

Mark’s involved in lots of different mobile topics, from SAP Mobile Cards, mobile dev kit and the native SDKs.  He’s involved in pretty much everything from a customer adoption perspective.  If there is something, anything, blocking your adoption of SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, you need to talk to Mark!

Please read this blog for information about other user experience and design sessions at TechEd Las Vegas.

I look forward to seeing each and everyone one of you in a couple weeks in sunny Las Vegas!

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