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SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors is Live

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new service SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors. Expanding upon the capabilities of our Integration and Orchestration offering, SAP Cloud Platform suite, the new SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors simplifies and accelerates connectivity to third-party cloud applications.

With SAP Cloud Platform Integration and Open Connectors, customers can drive innovation faster by painlessly integrating cloud and on-premises applications, whether from SAP or from third parties, using open standards-based Web services. For example, SAP Cloud Platform Integration will now be able to help customers synchronize their SAP S/4HANA digital core systems with a variety of third party CRM solutions, supporting opportunity-to-cash business processes. SAP Cloud Platform API Management customers will now be able to support more robust mobile development, eco-system collaboration and data optimization processes by incorporating data flows from an impressive range of third-party SaaS solutions.

SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors provides robust, feature rich, prebuilt connectors to an extensible library of over 150 of the most popular non-SAP cloud applications. The connectors offer a preconfigured means of smooth, comprehensive integration through harmonized representational state transfer (REST) APIs and universal resource identifiers (URIs) with normalized authentication, error handling, search, pagination, and bulk support regardless of the underlying architecture of the third-party applications.  By normalizing the operations, it drastically reduces the learning curve of integrating with additional cloud applications.

The connectors come with interactive API documentation, based on the Open API Specification 2.0 for REST APIs, providing integrated test and try functionality for third-party applications all together in one place. Standardized events support polling and web hooks irrespective of the eventing support of the connected third-application. This simplifies handling of change notifications via the pre-built connectors.

The connectors are grouped or categorized into hubs to provide a unified set of resource URIs across various connectors that are part of the same hub. Hubs provide consistent resources URIs regardless of the technology used by the target third-party application. Hub topics include Marketing, Social, Finance, Field Service, Help desk, Cloud storage, CRM, Human Capital, Payments, ERP, Accounting, Database, Messaging, Collaboration, Ecommerce, and more.



With common resource (common objects), customers can transform fields provided by their third-party applications to a single, normalized resource. This allows customers to take advantage of our one-to-many integration approach where they connect to a single common object to integrate the transformed resources from their various third-party applications. SAP Cloud Platform Integration and API Management customers as well as other SAP Cloud Platform services customers will now be able to quickly implement one-to-many integrations to multiple third-party applications through a single common object approach.




To know more about SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors, visit us at SAP Community.

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  • Good to know you have open connectors. How do you build and market connectors by third-parties for example workflow tools like Tallyfy? Do your customers have to build the connectors or can third-parties build and list them, so that you can market them? I guess what I'm really asking is - is there an app store for connectors where everyone on SAP can find and install them?

    • Hi Amith,

      Support for a Workday connector is planned for future releases. So, we will keep you posted on this.

      Thanks and Best Regards,



  • Really nice and open a world of possibilities.


    Will immediately begin to explore the connectivity scenarios possible between SAPUI5 apps, backend ERP systems, and the Open Connectors APIs.


    Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Douglas,

      Thanks a lot. For test & trial SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors is available in the trial environment. Details in the blog here.

      Thanks and Best Regards,


  • Hi Divya,

    Nice blog,

    is this Cloud platform Open Connector will connect to only 3rd party applications or SAP S/4HANA on premise application or S/4HANA cloud applications also.


    Siva Prasad.T

    • Hi Siva,

      SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors focuses on third-party cloud applications.

      For SAP S/4HANA on premise or SAP S/4HANA cloud applications integration we have a lot of pre-packaged integration content already available in SAP API Business Hub.  These integration package can be quickly imported into your SAP Cloud Platform Integration tenant and then would help you jump-start your integration scenarios. For an API driven integration we also have all the APIs from SAP S/4HANA Cloud published into SAP API Business Hub.

      In this blog, we have captured the simplified integration approaches from SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite.

      Thanks and Best Regards,


  • Hi!

    When will the connectors service be available in non-trial tenants? And will it be available on CPI tenants as well as SCP tenants? Currently I cannot see the service being available on neither of our instances although beta features have been enabled.

    • Hi Christian,

      SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors is GA for productive usage and is available as an add on with CPI or API management licenses and is also available under Cloud Credits or CPEA or Pay per use model.

      Details about our pricing & licensing model is available in SAP Cloud Platform.

      May be the necessary licensing is missing for SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors and therefore is not visible in your productive tenants of CPI.

      Thanks and Best Regards,


  • Hi - I have with big interest seen the presentation of SAP Open Connectores at TechEd 2018. But as we has not yet installed S/4 HANA, can we utilize them anyway?

    Our platform has the most resent version of the Front End Server and Cloud Connector as well as the Cloud Platform tenant.


    Regard, Jacob


    • Hi Jacob,

      If you have the necessary licenses ( CPEA or Cloud Credits) for your SAP Cloud Platform tenant, you would able to see the service tile for Open Connectors. You can enable the service from Services cockpit in the Neo Environment of SAP Cloud Platform and already start using Open Connectors . You could select from any of the available connectors and create authenticated instance to your third-party application.

      Thanks and Best Regards,


  • Hi Divya,

    I wanted to Integrate SFSF and On-premise SQL table using CPI-IS however CPI-IS does not have direct option to connect to on-premise DB.Can I use the combination of CPI-IS and Open Connectors SQL Connector?If so,Please refer me to some documentation or working example.


    Pavan Nukala

    • Hi Pavan,

      looks like we have all been very busy (and away) in the last months. Sorry for the late reply!

      To answer your question: there is a JDBC connector in SAP Cloud Platform Integration. For now, you can only connect to databases that are in the SAP Cloud Platform, but we plan to have connectivity to on-premises databases too.

      For the time being: would that blog help?

      Best regards!

      • Hi Sven,

        Thanks for the reply.I already referred that blog however I am unable to use in my case.

        We have Enterprise cloud licensing hence we are using SAP CPI-Data Services to load data into on premise SQL table.

        I already did a working example in CPI-DS to extract data from S4Hana Cloud (Custom CDS view) and load into on premise SQL table.

        I am also waiting for CPI-IS, JDBC adapter enhancement which supports for on premsie DB integration.

        The only reason i wanted to use CP-Open Connectors along with CPI-IS or CP-Open Connectros is to prove,open connectors tool is more or less similar to Mule soft (of course MS have cloud and on prem deployment options)


        Pavan Nukala

  • Hey Divya,

    My question is similar in nature to the first comment here.

    The article you reference mentions that once we build an application using SAP's API Business Hub, the application can be published on the SAP App Center.

    What I'd like to understand is the following:

    (1) How is the SAP App Center different from the Open Connectors?

    (2) How do I list my application as an 'Open Connector'?

    It'd be wonderful if you could throw some light here.





  • Thank you for your blog. Do we need to pay additionally in order to use open connectors if I have CPI license?

    I am just thinking, If I have a an Integration Expert who is cable of consuming APIs, no matter how complex the service consumption is, why do we need this additional service to use?We can just consume it from CPI.


    I have seen this kind of scenario in one of our project. One customer wants to use the feature of API managment that is to count the number of calls. But after looking at the charges to pay for using API management, customer was sceptical. then they decided to handle this in CPI/PO itselt.


  • Hi Divya


    We are a small SaaS startup and would like to know if we can build our own connector with SAP ? If yes , can you point me to the details / webpage ?