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Author's profile photo Joachim Rees

Microblogging as an addition to SAP Community – introducing Mastondon (GNUSocial / Fediverse )

SAP Community (or: earlier versions of it, namely SCN) is the place where I got into blogging and I learned to like it.
…but when we lost status updates, something went missing. (Coffee-Corner posts are some kind of replacement, but the againg not quite so…).

I know know there’s a term for it: microblogging.

Some people here are on Twitter and do like and advocate it. I have avoided Twitter so far, and are positive that I will do so in the future, too.

But: I do like the concept of Microbloggin (or more precisely: over time, I start to see some sense in it), so I now created a Mastodon-account.

If you have never heard of Mastodon:

1. It’s the hot new thing™ 🙂
2. It’s like Twitter, but not centralized – there are many, many instances, that can communicate with each other. Together, the form the Fediverse (together with other solutions like GNUSocial).

You (or maybe your Company?) can host your own instance, or you can join an existing one – a good starting point or this (and also for learning more) is .

One idea I have is to use Mastodon as a (public) knowledge database, where I can post little chunks of knowledge (mainly SAP / ABAP related).
Of course, I’d also like to connect with you folks, so do follow me at if you like!

And if you know of a SAP-centered instance (or want to start one), please also let me know!

Over to you:
What other social networks (in the widest sense) do you use and like in addition to SAP Community? Big once like LinkedIn or StackOverflow? Or smaller once which I probably don’t even know?!
Let’s share and learn!


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      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo

      And so – you “talked” me into it.  I’m not sure how often I’ll jump over there.  But yes, I too am signed up for Mastondon.

      Interesting – I think it will take a bunch of lurking from me before I join in.

      I do use Linkedin and Facebook.   I'm using Github but that doesn't really count.   It rare that I jump to Linkedin.   Facebook is almost an everyday friend.


      Author's profile photo Joachim Rees
      Joachim Rees
      Blog Post Author

      Hey Michelle, how nice!
      Also see my reaction in the fediverse.


      Author's profile photo Helmut Tammen
      Helmut Tammen

      Hi Joachim,

      I just stumbled about your blog post. I'm on mastodon for nearly a year but I'm missing #SAP discussions. Hence I'm not really using.

      I'm a fan of decentralization and I think that mastodon is one of the greatest platforms in this respect. Additionally I see that Twitter is used by less SAP people as in the past and LinkedIn, where a lot of people move to, is not a good platform for technical discussions.

      Have you found some interesting #SAP topics or people on mastodon or maybe a SAP centered mastodon server?
      You stopped microblogging on mastodon in Dec. 2021. So I guess you haven't?

      Regards Helmut