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Yes finally : Download information

ABAP 7.52 SP2. You can explore it and learn how to develop modern ABAP applications with core data services and SAPUI5 or you can get an overview on SAP’s client/server technology.
Just like the versions we offer in the Cloud, this developer edition is preconfigured to run to run the Database Feature Gallery and the Enterprise Procurement Model programming examples out of the box.
It contains:

  • SAP AS ABAP 7.52 SP01
  • SAP GUI for the Java 7.5 and SAP GUI for Windows 7.50
  • SAP Sybase ASE 16.0.1

The actual download (in the form of several .rar files), along with more information is available from the SAPStore: SAP AS ABAP 7.52 SP01, developer edition.

Short digression: Why has it taken so long? 

Unlike other vendors, we are not releasing a beta, nor is it a “bare metal” AS. We started with a full 7.52 AS ABAP, SP01 in February. Then we added the technical configuration for convenience (ports, developer and admin users, roles, authorizations). Then we added various pre-configured scenarios: Fiori,SLT, and so on). Then we tested every scenario and menu item in the main role.

The whole process undoubtedly took longer than it should. However, to compare a pre-configured, fully tested server with a beta is misleading.

OK, rant over 😉 – I’m sorry it took so long. I hope you enjoy it now it’s here.


You need to read and accept the SAP Software End User License Agreement.

Virtual machine for Linux

This ABAP developer edition must be installed on Linux, not Windows. We have successfully installed the ABAP developer edition on:

  • Oracle VirtualBox (documented)
  • VMWare (documented)

Since this is a free product, we cannot offer official primary support. However, we will attempt to answer queries pertaining to installation issues. Since we have documented Oracle VirtualBox only, we are more likely to be able to help you with this VM technology.

Operating Systems

This developer edition has been successfully tested with recent versions of the following Linux distributions:

  • openSUSE (documented)
  • Fedora
  • RHEL
  • Ubuntu and Debian: You need to install csh before you start the installation!
  • Other distributions may require manual setup.

NB 1: You must use a 64-Bit OS version.
NB 2: Linux newbies don’t run away! We have written thorough, step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Linux VM and how to run the AS ABAP installation. They are available at the end of this blog.

Again, we cannot offer official primary support. However, we will attempt to answer queries pertaining to installation issues. Since we have documented openSUSE only, we are more likely to be able to help you with this distro.

Hardware requirements

  • x86_64 processor based hardware
  • at least 4 GB RAM and about 8 GB swap space
  • about 100 GB free disk space for the server installation
  • about 2 GB free disk space for the client installation


Installation instructions

OK, if this is your first time working with Oracle Virtual ox / Linux / ABAP AS developer download, or if you are experiencing problems, this blog will give you all the information you need:
Newbies’ Guide: Installing SAP AS ABAP 752 SP01 on Linux – Virtual Box

Newbies’ Guide: Installing SAP AS ABAP 7.52 SP01 on Linux – VMWare

Linux and ABAP AS download veterans can now go ahead downloading the software, following the concise installation instructions:

SAP AS ABAP 7.52 SP01 – Developer Edition: Concise Installation Guide



Note: Since we now have 9 blogs referring to 3 different versions of the download developer edition, blog comments are becoming unmanageable. In addition, searching through blog comments is very difficult for other users, resulting in many duplicate issues.

From now on, please DO NOT post a blog comment if you require troubleshooting.

Please post on the ABAP Development forum : , using the hashtag #ABAP_Trial. I promise to work through the backlog here, but cannot answer any further blog comments.

Thank you for your understanding.



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    1. Julie Plummer Post author

      Oooh, interesting. This is not something I have tried. If you want to do a short blog on this, with screenshots, any pitfalls, etc, I WILL publish.



      1. Fabian Lupa

        You are in luck, it’s the same procedure as in 7.51, just without the ASE license swap. Link

        The hostname check skip is also not needed anymore.

        I’ll adjust it sometime soon to be more 7.52 focused.

      2. Ravi Andela

        Hi Julie,


        I too successfully installed on OpenSUSE Leap 15.0 on Virtual Box. I had few issues, I tried multiple times. Below are the issues I faced during the installation.

        1. Leap 15.0 by default tries to partition the hard disk (like 2 to 3 partitions with max size around 50GB) . Thanks to Fabian Lupa, his link made my life easy for the second try. We should click on guided setup for partitioning – explained well by Fabian.
        2. I had trouble in accepting the developer license agreement. I could not navigate back to terminal after the license display. I killed the terminal and did restart installation couple of times. Then I figured out after reading the license, we need to press ‘Q’ which will take us back to terminal where we can type ‘yes’.

        Unfortunately, because of multiple trial and error trials, I don’t have any screen shots.





    1. Julie Plummer Post author

      Aaaargh. Thanks for letting me know, Uwe. I’ll edit the blogs and check the Newbie Guides as soon as possible. I’ll also inform the team obviously.



    1. Jacques Nomssi

      why? I can’t find any reference to SP02 in the blog. It is SP01. From the Status screen:

      • SAP Basis Component SAP_BASIS 752 SP-Level 0001 
      • User Interface Technology SAP_UI 752 SP-Level 0002
  1. Julie Plummer Post author

    Hi all,

    Some users have experienced an error downloading: “You are not authorized to download this file” or similar. One user solved this by downloading in Firefox, not Chrome.

    Can you please try this, if you get this issue?

    If that fails, try contacting support team from link below

    Do NOT add a comment here, for 3 reasons:

    • Very few people follow these blogs, so you will not get help from the vast majority of the community
    • It makes it difficult for other users to find similar issues in future, which leads to many duplicated errors.
    • There is no capacity to monitor all blogs for all released versions.

    Thanks and best wishes,



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