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Author's profile photo Gaurav Loknath Gera

Limit on the number of content types in Cloud Applications Studio Solution

We have noticed that customers and partners create SDK content that grows in size as well as number. And there’s nothing wrong with it. As businesses grow, requirements change, and it’s obvious that customization built in SDK also undergoes certain changes. If the business process changes, new validations are built, certain custom actions and logic is written, new analytics content are created, and in case there are custom applications, then new integrations are built.

When you create new content, you must keep in mind that  the size of the solution will grow and after a certain limit it will impact the performance of the system. So, the question is what kind of impact the different content types will have on the solution assembly, activation, and deployment performance?

We did some number crunching by analyzing the customer solutions. We noticed that when a number of  different content types are created, the solution performance goes down as the number of artefacts grow, and in some cases the performance impact is huge after a certain number of artefact.

Taking an example of Communication Scenario Definition (CSD), we noticed certain solutions have high  number of .csd files.  Further analysis showed that, this was a bad practice of building SDK content. Communication scenarios are created for every external system that the C4C is integrated with.  However, in this case the developer had created communication scenario for every service that is being consumed. The best practice is to build one communication scenario per system and use it for the multiple services being consumed from that external system.

Based on this analysis, we have decided to limit the number of artefacts that are allowed in a SDK solution. The limit on number of allowed content is planned to be rolled out in a phased manner, starting with 1811 release.

With the 1811 release, we have planned to limit the number of Communication Scenario Definitions to a maximum of 15 per solution. So, no more than 15 CSD content types are allowed and developers reach the limit, they will get an error message. If customers have already created more than 15 CSD content in their solution, they will not be able to create any more CSD content.

Further limits on the other content types will be updated soon.

The developers of SDK solution will also see a dialog message informing them about the limit on number of CSD content. This  message is shown when they log on to SDK in the 1808 release.

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      Author's profile photo Stefan Kiefer
      Stefan Kiefer

      Hi Gaurav,

      Did you know that it is not possible to change and extend a communication scenario once the solution is downloaded? This is the main reason why so many communication scenarios are created!

      I always hate this just because it is required to extend the CSD - that I have to create a new one!

      Maybe it would be a much bolder move to overcome this resriction instead of limitting it - which is no solution at all together with this limitation.

      Best regards

      Stefan Kiefer

      Author's profile photo Richie Feeney
      Richie Feeney


      Further to Stefan's point, this also applies to BCO's and Extension Scenarios. There is no possibility to extend these in the future which leads to the only option of creating new content, which in turn increases the size of the solution.

      Author's profile photo Gaurav Loknath Gera
      Gaurav Loknath Gera
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Stefan,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      We do allow to assign more services to an existing CSD content in a patch solution. Please see the screenshots below.

      If there is any specific limitation you faced that made you to create new CSD content then please share that and we'll look into it.