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SAP Market Rates Management Released With Two New Offerings

SAP Market Rates Management had previously released a trial offering. Now, the product line has produced two new offerings – SAP Market Rates Management, Thomson Reuters data option, and SAP Market Rates Management, Bring Your Own Rates data option.

Both data options provide daily exchange rates or exchange rates for a specified date range. They’re both ready for productive use and can be purchased from the SAP Store from 4th September 2018.

Bring Your Own Rates Data Option

The Bring Your Own Rates data option allows customers to upload and download their own market rates from any external source. The service supports currency exchange rates and interest rates. Consumers can use the service’s upload and download APIs to respectively import and retrieve their market rates. All they have to do is convert the externally source data to SAP S/4HANA formats and use existing transactions like TBD4 or TBEX to get market rates.

Thomson Reuters Data Option

The Thomson Reuters data option provides customers with official currency exchange rates from Thomson Reuters, without having to obtain a contract from them. This data can be downloaded by using transactions like TBD4 or TBEX from their SAP S/4HANA systems. The service supports currency exchange rates for a set of Reuters Instrument Codes or RICs. If consumers want to add additional RICs that are not currently supported by the option, they can raise an incident with the LOD-CBS-CS component and request for it.

Full-length features and usability can be viewed on the SAP Help Portal.

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