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List of Fixes, Enhancements & Restrictions for Lumira

SAP Lumira released on August 29, 2018. For download information see SAP Note 2587459 – SAP Lumira 2.2: Release Note


This blog lists fixes, enhancements as well as restrictions in Lumira Please note that this may not be an exhaustive list and other fixes as well as improvements may be part of Lumira 2.2.


Documented Fixes in Lumira 2.2 – Discovery, Designer and Server.


2676703 Multiple selection from input controls excludes selected values

2676117 Open document link URL issue with encoded ‘#’ in Lumira

2676088 Unable to remove decimal point from Lumira Discovery 2.1 SP00

2676049 Unable to find or search for OLAP connection in Lumira

2676011 HTTP 500 error on Lumira 2.1 addon when using Icelandic as preferred viewing locale (User Preferences)

2674634 Lumira Discovery defaults to short text where medium text is set for BW dimension infoObject

2674032 In Lumira Designer, search doesn’t work in Dimension filter with more than 100 entries

2674028 Lumira Discovery 2.1 SP01: Scroll Bar of Input Control doesn’t react

2674022 Lumira document takes long time for loading

674016 Schedule with PDF format for Lumira documents in Linux environment fails and shows “Specify the chrome installation path in JobServer” error

2674013 Discovery crashes when removing a dataset from a Numeric KPI Chart

2673988 In Lumira document, Bookmark doesn’t work for user with ‘AND’ in the name

2672652 Lumira Server – Load is not distributed across multiple Lumira server nodes for Online document

2672581 RFC Sessions are not cleaned after timeout for Lumira documents

2666231 Lumira document unable to run if browser language is set to language other than language installed in BW

2665552 RFC Connections are not cleaned up in BW System

2659102 Search in Input control doesn’t work if more than 100 filters values in Lumira Discovery

2654398 Changing the font size for measures or dimensions of a Heatmap in Lumira Discovery also changes the font color

2654352 Incorrect version for Lumira Server addon displayed in SLD

2653135 Italian number format incorrect in Lumira Discovery / BI Launch Pad

2665676 – Lumira 2.1 :Load Balancing



2587521 – SAP Lumira Discovery 2.2 Restrictions

2587528 – SAP Lumira Designer 2.2 Restrictions

2587446 – SAP Lumira Server 2.2 Restrictions


2681690 Cannot interact with the “Select Data Source” dialog on Safari browser on iOS device

2614784 Lumira Designer chart text is not as sharp as the rest of the chart when exporting to PDF



KBA 2687964 – What has been enhanced and added to SAP Lumira 2.2?


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      Author's profile photo Vineet Gupta
      Vineet Gupta

      Very helpful. Hopefully you plan to update it as more issues are identified.