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SAP has more than 1,00,000+ transaction codes in all, and it is increasingly difficult to keep track or remember these transaction codes.

So what is the solution?

Should we keep excel list of these codes?

Or should we remember it? which is definitely a herculean task and almost impossible feat to achieve.

Well, SAP has come out with a solution for it, It’s simple and easy and searching T-Codes and Almost everyone has seen GOOGLE search engine, so taking a cue from that, SAP has devised it’s very own search engine for finding transaction codes.

The transaction code is : KTRAN ( find transaction )

Process :

Step 1 : Type Transaction code KTRAN in the search bar.

Step 2 : Press enter and you will be guided to a new screen and as marked in blue pen, press EXECUTE as shown below :

Step 3 : As soon as you press EXECUTE, you will be guided to a screen just adjacent to this button as shown below :

Step 4 : Now type any word (or if you know the T-Code) related to your process and SAP will auto-populate all the T-CODES which match that word entered in the Transaction Search Term. You can filter the search as per the various options mentioned in the screen and the beauty of this T-Code is it gives you the Description of the transaction code, Program, Package, Component ID, Authorization, Language, Favorite (check box i.e. whether the T-Code is already favorite in your list or not) and Add Favorite Button ( to make it as Favorite )

 When i typed “PUR”, it gave me 400 hits

When I typed the exact word “PURCHASE”, SAP zeroed it down exactly to 152 hits

When I click on a particular T-Code called J1IPUR – Purchase Register – India, it will redirect the screen to the SAP standard purchase register as shown below :

So keep using the T-Code and keep exploring the immense possibility SAP has to offer.

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  1. Julien Delvat

    In more than 15 years working in SAP, that’s the first time I hear about that life saving transaction.

    Thanks for sharing, Vignesh Bhatt


    To be honest, I usually just google “SAP transaction for purchasing” to find what I need.

    Another trick is to look into table TSTCT or TSTCP (if you know some parameters).

  2. Vignesh Bhatt Post author


    It is available in S4 HANA 1709 onwards, and for version 1511 and 1610, you need to apply the note : 2329987 – CO-OM tools: Generic search of transactions.



    Vignesh Bhatt

  3. Neelesh Jain

    Thanks for sharing.. very faster way of searching transaction in S/4 compare to table search or SE93 or SDMO. Transaction SDMO is also changed in S/4.


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