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AS ABAP 7.5x : ASE License Available

ASE License

…is available here: SAP Trials and Downloads: ABAP. If necessary, scroll down to 7.52 SP04.

The license is valid for all versions of SAP ASE 16.0 within the developer editions.


Since we now have 6 blogs referring to 2 different versions of the download developer edition, blog comments are becoming unmanageable. In addition, searching through blog comments is very difficult for other users, resulting in many duplicate issues.

From now on, please DO NOT post a blog comment if you require troubleshooting.

Please post on the ABAP Development forum: ,

using the hashtag #ABAP_Trial.

In case of Linux problems read the Linux FAQ.

Thank you for your understanding.


I apologize for the inconvenience.

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  • Hi Julie,

    I am currently trying to set up a new AS ABAP 7.51 SP2 virtual machine. Is the procedure for a new installation still to extract a bunch of .tar files, replace the license file, compress them again and then start the installation? Like it is described in this comment.


    • Hi Fabian,

      The procedure hasn't changed, so if that worked for you, then it shoudl also work now. However, I haven't tested this, since I installed my version before the ASE license expired.

      Best wishes Julie.

  • Hello Julie

    How can I get the newest ASE license? The link that you provided i the blog takes me to the logon page. How can I get access to the newest licenses?


    Thank you in advance.


  • Hello Julie,


    The sharepoint link is broken. Maybe because the account of your colleague Ralf is deactivated. Could you please reupload the file?

    Thanks in advance



  • Hola

    Tengo la fecha de la licencia ASE caducada, pero cuando realizo la opción dos del blog que me adjunta en tu respuesta "Si es necesario, actualícelo desde aquí: Nueva licencia de Sybase", no puedo realizar este paso porque me indica "

    That didn't work

    We're sorry, but can't be found in the directory. Please try again later, while we try to automatically fix this for you."

    ¿como puedo solucionarlo?, y me podrías explicar mas detalladamente el paso tres "NOTA: No tenemos los recursos para actualizar los archivos .rar continuamente. Por lo tanto, si la versión ha estado disponible durante algún tiempo, es posible que el archivo de licencia yahaya caducado. Si es así, ponga el nuevo archivo .lic en la misma carpeta que el archivo de script, usando el nombre SYBASE_ASE_TD.lic. Nonecesita editar los archivos .tar.",

    ¿A que carpeta te refieres?

    En la carpeta s4installer tengo el fichero "SAP_COMMUNITY_DEVELOPER_License" este fichero no lo toco no?

    Muchas Gracias y perdona las molestias.

    • Hi Jesus,

      I am sorry I don't speak Spanish. Is this a fair translation?

      Hello I have the date of the ASE license expired, but when I do option two of the blog that you attach to me in your answer "If necessary, update it from here: New Sybase license", I can not do this step because it tells me " That did not work We're sorry, but can not be found in the directory. Please try again later, while we try to automatically fix this for you. " How can I solve it ?, and you could explain in more detail step three "NOTE: We do not have the resources to update the .rar files continuously. Therefore, if the version has been available for some time, it is possible that the license file has already expired. If so, put the new .lic file in the same folder as the script file, using the name SYBASE_ASE_TD.lic. You do not need to edit the .tar files. ", What folder do you mean? In the folder s4installer I have the file "SAP_COMMUNITY_DEVELOPER_License" this file I do not touch it not? Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience.

      Best wishes, Julie.

      If so, then 2 questions / points of information:

      1. Do you have a Sharepoint account?
      2. Step 3: Yes, I mean the s4installer, where the is located. The SAP_COMMUNITY_DEVELOPER_License is NOT the license to which I am referring. (That is a license to develop on the ABAP system.) The license you need is called SYBASE_ASE_TestDrive.lic . It is not normally not stored in s4installer, but deeper. However, in this case, since you are replacing the originally packed license, the install script expects it to be in the same location as the 

      We are currently having issues with Sharepoint, because the eligibility has recently been restricted.

      Best wishes Julie.

      • Hi Julie

        I do not have a sharepoint account.

        Сan i get a license for ASE Enterprise Edition Trial License for SAP Business Applications ?

        Please contact me

  • Hi Julie, Any update as to when the license will be available. I can't install 751 due to the username error, which keeps pointing back to ASE license.





  • Hi Mirco, hi all,

    Sandra is correct to say :

    1. You take the latest ASE License file from the link above (here it is again, anyway: ASE License .)
    2. However, we have now updated the script. Now, you should no longer have to follow the procedure by Julian Ramos. I have outlined the correct procedure above.
    3. OR - as Sandra also says: You could get the latest version, with the uptodate license: SAP AS ABAP 7.52, developer edition - Download and links to guides

    I have not tested this myself but it has been tested by us here. Please let me know how you get on.

    Hat-tip toSandra Rossi, for jumping in here ;-).

    Best wishes



  • Hi Julie,

    I assume there is no other way to update the license for SAP AS ABAP Developer Edition than to access the hard drive and copy the files directly into the folder? I was thinking about the possibility with uploading a new license file through the slicense transaction.


    Best Regards


    • Hi Kevin,

      No, AFAIK, SLICENSE is for ABAP (ie application server) licenses only.

      This is the (ASE) database license, so the procedure is different.

      Best wishes Julie.

  • Dear Julie

    I'm working with SAP Netweaver AS ABAP 7.50 Developer Edition (installed on OpenSUSE), is there any possibility to add ERP 6.0 on the same environement to test SAP MM, PP, Finance modules ?

    If not what is the related product as Trial to download and how ?

    Thank you very much for the great support.


    BR, Abdelmajid HAMIDI


    • Hi Abdelmajid,

      Thanks for the compliments.

      I am sorry but this is not possible. The idea of the dev edition is to help non-ABAP devs learn about the language and IDE, and to help older ABAP devs learn about new features in 7.5x.

      Your best bet is :

      1. If you are an existing customer - speak to your account executive
      2. If not, look at openSAP courses for these modules :

      Best wishes,


  • Hi Guys,

    I had to use the Case B to install the mini sap, but now the Access Key 35408798513176413512 ( user DEVELOPER ) is not working. When I tried to use the this Key, the SAP shows a popup for incorrect entry.

    Is there another Access Key that I can use?



      • It was posted by Julie herself, it's easy to find it. In fact these 2 keys seem to be possible since 7.50, but the right key seem to be provided by default since 7.51 so you don't need to enter it, except if you don't renew the license by deleting the old one and then installing the new one, if I have read correctly one Julie blog post. Here is my 7.52 license & dev key installed in December, I didn't renew the license yet, and I didn't need to enter the dev key after the fresh installation, I could write test programs immediately.

        BTW Julie asked to not post questions directly in her blog, instead post a forum question with tag #ABAP_trial

  • Hi Julie


    I cannot find a working sybase license.

    None of the links are working they have expired.


    Could you please provide some help obtaining sybase license so that my installation can complete.

    My current license says it expires 2020 but I can still not use it for some reason.

    The installation claims the following error:

    Assertion failed: unable to generate a new password for database login 'sa'


    Best Regards,


      • Hi Julie


        Thanks for the quick reply.

        I tried this and got a bit further, but then I reached a point again where I could not find good information on my next problem.

        Caught ESAPinstExeption in module call: Validator of step.

        It keeps saying that I should start the installation without using SAPINST_START_GUI option.

        I was not aware that I was having this option as I ran ./ -s

        How do I opt the install script to run without SAPINST_START_GUI option?

        Will this solve my problem or is this just a symptom of something that I overlooked in the guide?


        Best Regards,


  • Julie Plummer

    Hi Julie, I'm facing the issue, that I updated the license but the system still provides an error message with "Fehler bei Lizenzprüfung" =  "Error during license check". Do you have any idea where the mistake could be?

    See attached screenshots:  Looks like that there are multiple ASE_files?


    • Hi all,

      Different versions of the license may have different names. The script looks for all of them, and accepts the newest.

      There is no problem with either ...TD.lic or ...TestDrive.lic .

      Best wishes,


  • Hi Julie Plummer

    i have a problem... Im looking for days to a solution to can install my SAP server on linux.

    I need a valid license. In my case it is the Use Case B. I cant find any SYBASE_ASE_TestDrive.lic file to download. The only site where I can generate a license requires a hardware code. But I dont have a hardware code. PLS help me with the license issue that I can install SAP.




    • Hi Emin,

      You should not need a HW code. Please tell me, step by step what you have done. Please screenshot the error message. Also, which region are you in?

      Did you need a code of any sort for the SW download files?

      Best wishes,


  • I'm trying to install the 7.52 SP04 Version. It failes due to licenses aswell.

    After I found this thread (oh my, it took about 5 installation - tries until I searched the web?) my question is:

    How can I get a ASE license, that is valid AFTER March 31st ?

        • Hi Julie,

          thanks for the answer.
          Can you be a little more specific?

          The links state:
          "Renewing your AS ABAP license

          Many of you have asked about this: Yes, you can apply for a new license. Just use the same
          procedure as above - in theory, indefinitely.
          IMPORTANT: To use the developer key that we provide, you MUST del
          ete your old license before you install the new one (as described in step 4 above). Otherwise, the system will generate a different license that no longer matches our preconfigured developer key."
          Well. What point do I have to choose to renew the license?
          "AS1 - SAP ASE Enterprise Edition evaluation" ?
          Otherwise i'm provided the "normal" SAP ABAP Appliance license, which does not help for a problem with the database at all...
      • Hi Michael, hi Markus,

        Update, 23.04.2020: No, it is no longer possible to update the license, for legal and technical reasons.

        Best wishes,


  • Hi Julie,

    Yes, it is described in the official guides. But the downloadable Sybase ASE license file still expires on March 31, 2020. In exactly 32 days the ASE database license file is not valid anymore. But I do not know how long is the grace period.


    Best regards,


      • Hi all,

        Please see update at the top of the page: We can no longer supply the ASE license as a separate file.

        Best wishes,

        Julie Plummer.

        • /
          • Hi Nivian,

            Since we now have 6 blogs referring to 2 different versions of the download developer edition, blog comments are becoming unmanageable. In addition, searching through blog comments is very difficult for other users, resulting in many duplicate issues.

            From now on, please DO NOT post a blog comment if you require troubleshooting.

            Please post on the ABAP Development forum , using the hashtag #ABAP_Trial.

            Thank you for your understanding.

          • Hello Julie

            Thank you very much for your useful blogs.
            I hope this post is not for troubleshooting but a general question on the theme of the blog (Ase License).
            Taking into account the great work that is installing this trial version (between installation, configuration, adjustments, it costs a lot of time and work, at leas for me) so that after a year (hopefully) it cannot be used I would like to ask if it`s considered a new trial version based on MaxDB, instead of Sybase, if this is now technically and legally feasible.
            With the previous trial (NSP) based on MaxDB until today there have been no such problems.

            Thank you

          • Hi Alfred,

            We are working to make the AS ABAP developer edition easier to install - e.g. by offering it as a Docker container.

            However, we do not have any plans to offer it on MaxDB. Strategically, SAP is moving towards HANA only, since this is optimized for the Restful ABAP Programming Model.

            Best wishes,


  • Hi Julie,

    in have installed successfully 7.52 SP04,

    What will be with the system after the ASE license will expires on 31st March 2021 ?


    • Hi Yosi,

      It is not possible to provide a new license as a separate file, for legal and technical reasons. We hope to offer a new version on a HANA database, to which you can transport your objects.

      We also want to make it easier for users to work with any new version of the dev edition, by providing it in a Docker container.

      Best wishes


      • Hi Julie,


        Any idea when we can hope for the ABAP 7.54 trial edition. I'm curently reinstalling my trial and would love to get a HANA DB for it instead.

        • Hi Jakob, – just sent you a tweet, but since this is the official forum ? , and this info may be helpful to others:

          “We are still working on a new version but we have hit a delay, so won’t be ready for some weeks. At present, I cannot offer a date. Sorry for the inconvenience”

          Best wishes,


  • Reply to Juli at top of page:


    "Update, 13th March, 2020:For legal reasons, we can no longer offer the ASE license as a separate downloadable .rar. Therefore, the best option is to upgrade to 7.52 SP04 which is valid until 31st March 2021, . . . . "


    I have as abap 7.52 sp04.  I have the database license that expired in 2020.

    You state to update to 7.52 xp04 because that license is good until March 2021.

    Just where is that rar file with the file name SYBASE_ASE_TestDrive.lic ?


    I and others truly appreciate all the hard effort to keep this program rolling, so I get if you can't respond to all queries.


    If that file isn't in any downloadable .rar, can another user send me their text file, and I do the update.?

    It took me months, to get my environment going, I'm an older abaper, wanting to train before looking for a new job.

    Sort of unjust that some have until 2021 and unlucky others have 2020.  Can you help please?



    • Hi Beth,

      "where is that rar file...?" - I apologize if this was not clear, but this is what I meant: Legally, we can no longer offer the .lic file as a separate file.

      "It took me months, to get my environment going, " - I am sorry to hear that. I hope it will be easier the second time. If not, please let me know asap - it should not take more than a morning.

      Also, we are trying to make setup easier by offering the whole setup as a Docker container, so perhaps that will be an option for you in the future.

      Best wishes,


    • Hi Beth,

      The process for delivering the license has changed.

      Personally, I do not see this as a question of different individuals having different licenses.

      By now, all licenses issued using the old process have expired. So by now, no-one has a different license.

      Thanks for your input, though.

      BR Julie.

  • Hi Julie,

    As we had a working demo environment 7.51 sp 02, now with expired db license, what would be our options to get it working again?

    Thanks and regards.