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Never been to an SAP TechEd event? Here’s your chance to earn a ticket!



As part of an effort to bring fresh faces to SAP events, we are sending 15 new people to SAP TechEd events this year.

If you want to read the official contest rules and the normal yada yada yada, you can find those here. But if you prefer the short and sweet version, here we go…

To qualify, you must:

  • Not be an SAP employee
  • Have never attended an SAP TechEd event before

To apply, you need to tell us your SAP story.

“How do I tell my story?” you might be asking yourself. Probably would have been better if you asked out loud. Good thing I’m psychic, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to answer.

Your story will come in two parts:

(1) Write a blog post telling us why you’re excited to go to SAP TechEd. Make sure to mention which one you want to attend (i.e., Las Vegas, Barcelona, or Bangalore) because you can only apply for one location. Be sure to tag your post with the following tags: choose SAP Community for the primary and SAP TechEd as the additional, and type TechEd Scholarship as a user tag.

Wait…don’t publish just yet! You still don’t know the second part.

(2) Record a short video (approximately 2 minutes minimum, 5 minutes maximum). In the video, tell us how you got involved with SAP technologies. Make sure you pick a quiet location to shoot. Enunciate clearly. We don’t just want to see you — we want to hear you! Record the video with whatever you have available (phone, webcam), then upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion.

Remember that blog you were writing? Embed the video into it using the Insert/Edit Video button in the blog editor toolbar.

Now you can publish it.

Camera-shy? Don’t worry — we aren’t trying to find the next Spielberg here. We don’t expect high-end production values in the video. Trust me, it’s easy.

Oh, you don’t trust me? Then I’ll show how simple it is:

See? Tell me you can’t do that.

We’re not judging based on breathtaking cinematography and literary mastery. We’re looking for good stories, a little creativity, a dash of originality, and an obvious effort. Remember: This scholarship contest is about bringing new faces to SAP TechEd and the contest is open to anyone who has never attended an SAP TechEd event before and is not an SAP employee. Women, minorities, LGBTQ+ persons, differently abled persons, and veterans are encouraged to apply. We would also love to hear from applicants who are doing work in their communities and workplaces to support women and other underrepresented groups. SAP is committed to a diverse, inclusive, and bias-free culture. For more information on SAP’s commitment to diversity and Business Beyond Bias, please click here.

Want to take some time to think it over? No problem, but please keep in mind that the contest ends on September 10. All blogs and videos must be up by then, with the right tags. Also, keep in mind that the winners will receive a full conference pass, but all other costs associated with a trip — airfare, hotel, etc. — won’t be covered.

Once the contest closes, we will pick five winners for each location. We’ll make the necessary arrangements with them and congratulate them in a blog post during the week of September 17.

Anyway, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Now share yours!

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  • Hi Meredith,

    very nice, I also like how this brings many SAP Community-features together:

    Blogging, applying primary-, secondary- and even user-tag, embedding video-link etc.

    I’m not sure if it’s nice to force people to expose themself in front of a camera in order to enter the contest (some humans are shy… hope they are not excluded). Then again, with “a little creativity” I can imagine everyone finds an acceptable way (e.g. using some stand-in like a toy goat?;-)  )


    I’m looking forward to what we’ll see in this contest!





    PS: This sentence seems to have been cut short:

    For more information on SAP’s commitment to diversity and Business Beyond Bias, please

    [Edit: this seems fixed now!]

    • Hey Joachim,

      It can be scary to jump in front of a camera, for sure, but because this contest is focused on highlighting fresh faces to SAP TechEd events, we hope to see people stepping into the spotlight for a few minutes to tell their story. Remember, it doesn't have to be super polished or fancy - just honest and interesting.



  • Hi Meredith, I am Sriram from Chennai, India. I am really eager to participate in the Tech Ed event, but being a newbie I dint explore much. Hearing about the chance of participation in Tech Ed, I am very much interested to do whatever it needs to participate.

    Now, I have created an account and my profile got upgraded to the contributor level. I am still can't able to get an access to post a blog. It seems like I need a moderator to cross check my contents and I don't know how to process the next steps.

    Please guide me through this or intimate me, if I could post the blog elsewhere related to SAP Community (like Social Website official pages).

    • Hi Sriram,

      If you are a contributor, please create your entry blog post and click the Submit for Review button. A moderator will review your post and get it published or will give you some feedback before publishing. We are currently seeing 24 business hours or less in processing times for new contributor posts, so you shouldn't have any issues getting your post published in time.



  • Is there any workshop or session related to SAP B1 in SAP TechEd2018 like there was sessions in SAP TechEd 2017. I did not see anything related to SAP B1 on SAP TechEd2018's website.

    • Hi Abdul,

      Unfortunately, it has to do with legal restrictions on giveaways/contests in those countries that are excluded. Obviously, our preference would be to include everyone.



    • Hi Maria,

      It was under moderation, but was just approved by our team, so the blog should now be visible and included in the judging. Thanks for participating and best of luck!

      Thank you,


      • Hi Meredith Hassett,

        I got the invite, trying to register to it since last couple of weeks but it's taking me to payments page. I spoke to SAP TechEd team as well during last week of September when I got a call from them after having this issue notified. Today again, I tried to register using invite link and bang, it takes me to payments page.


        Can you help with this or direct it to concerned team?




      • Hi Meredith,

        I am still waiting for any updates on this, can you help?

        I have already raised it with local teched team at SAP, but no help.



  • I'm counting only 8 Blog on user tag , including this one.

    As that's way below the available 15 slots, I guess this means "everybody gets a ticket!" !?


    Congrats to all participants, have fun (and learn!) at TechEd!





    Hi Meredith,


    I received an email that i won a ticket to SAP TechEd. The mail states i should have gotten a designated invitation with further steps to claim my ticket, i did not receive any other mail regarding this. Could you help and give me the missing information how i can get the ticket for TechEd?


    Thank you



  • Congrats to the winners! Please note: While your notification mentioned that the invite went out, the fact is that the invites are taking longer to process than originally expected. So if you‘ve received the notification but you didn't get the mail to register yet, don't worry -- it will be coming your way soon!

  • Just noticed: the announcement of the winners is hidden here:



    While Anil Gamidi and Manish Gupta

    have blogs posted on user tag but are not on the winners list,


    Nilay Peksen didn't use that tag for her blog, but still is.

    Anyway, congrats to all the winners, hope you have a good time!




  • Hi,

    Is there any chance of getting tickets to SAP TechEd 2018 Bangalore now? As I have missed the contest and I have never attended SAP TechEd. I cannot afford SAP TechEd ticket cost on my own. I want to learn more about SAP Mobility.


    Thank you,


  • Has anyone been able to successfully claim the complimentary ticket?

    It’s sort of disappointing that due to system issus I am not able to claim it and the issue stands still since last 1 month. Is SAP trying to push complimentary tickets back?

    @SAPTechEd #SAPTechEd