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It’s Time to Hybridize Physical and Digital Experiences with Augmented Reality

In the field of marketing and advertising, Augmented Reality is becoming pretty much hot on heels these days. If we take a close look at the past 2 decades, these industries can be found emerging as a new paradigm filling the world with endless possibilities. Today, some of those nascent dreams are seen to be fulfilled, for example- marketing is getting hybridized in terms of physical and digital experiences.

Being no longer a science fiction, AR has made a successful debut to the mainstream through smartphones. On that note, several brands have admitted the fact that AR can offer way beyond entertainment. The technology’s potential is not limited to just being a marketing channel but it can probably become a brand differentiator.

AR = Physical + Digital

Unfortunately, many of you try using Augmented Reality for the sake of having the technology. Which is not right at all! It won’t give you any productive results. Using AR to make your brand appear innovation can be viewed as forced. As a gimmick, it may create some kind of buzz for a short span while when considered as a strategy, it will work wonders for you.

Using Augmented Reality in Marketing

  • Provide a meaningful and branded interaction
  • Enhances communications
  • Allows you to enter in a new reality of brand engagement

Further below I would like to mention certain real-life examples from businesses that emphasis on how Augmented Reality can be used in marketing to create a buzz around products.

SnapChat Partnerships

One of the most popular platform people using to showcase such buzzing technology is SnapChat. A plethora of brands have flocked to such platform that ends up creating custom filters and lenses that one can easily play with. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that some of the best-augmented reality examples of brand marketing using the app include Taco Bell lenses and Disneyland geo-filters.

Furniture Brands

Another interesting example of AR marketing is Anthropologie. I must say furniture is a good space for AR marketing to connect with customers. Smartphones and cameras allow one to use a custom-made app to see how furniture might look in the space that the camera is focused on. Besides, such kind of apps turns out to be helpful for several interior designers, new homeowners, decorators, and even office planners.

 Image Source

Built on ARCore, Ikea Place allows you to virtually place IKEA products in your space. It also has a ‘visual search’ function: point your camera at any piece of furniture you love and your phone will tell you which IKEA product it is or resembles the most. With the help of 3D and true-to-scale models of everything right from sofas to armchairs, coffee tables, the AR app successfully offers an accurate impression of the furniture in terms of size, design, and functionality

Makeup Industry

AR technology has proven its worth well in the Makeup industry. Several companies like MAC cosmetics have made efficient use of AR to build an in-store “try on mirror” for customers in order to see how their product would appear when applied without even purchasing samples or any other products or even putting any real products on their skin.

Another famous cosmetic brand that uses AR to showcase how their products look on potential customers is L’Oréal and its MakeupGenius app. The app allows customers to get an instant makeover using real products and a real inspiration.

Retail and Apparel

What happens when you try on clothes without those uncomfortable dressing rooms? Yes, with the help of AR technology one can successfully try on shoes, apparels, and accessories without any issues. Gap designed an app has users add their dimensions and details to create a mannequin that appears on their screen that they then dress to get a feel for how the item might look on the user themselves.

So this is it for now! Go beyond those cheap gimmicks and start adopting the technology as early as possible.

Authored By: Vikash Kumar, Tatvasoft Australia


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