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Highlighted the concept and functionality of ‘Segmentation’ of Advanced ATP(AATP) of S/4HANA 1709 release in blog Subsequently, there are several requests to provide the configuration details for Segmentation in AATP.

This blog states the relevant configuration for Segmentation in AATP. In fact, there is no IMG configuration for Segmentation in S/4HANA 1709release. All settings need to be done as a master data as explained below. Suggest to refer the blog stated above for better understanding of the concept and the functional benefits of Segmentation in AATP.

Product segmentation has several uses in today’s industry. Segmentation can be used to use to sell the same product at different prices depending on the channel (source) of order, quality (Low / High) or service level etc. The above referred blog showed 2 stock segments – INTC (Internet channel) and NONC (Non-internet channel) for the product FG20 is same plant 1010. This segmentation is done without any differentiation of organisation structure. The stock segment for Internet channel has higher availability of stock to prioritize the sales through internet in that example.

Process to set up Segmentation in AATP in S/4HANA is depicted below.

  1. Characteristic SALESCHANNEL is created with Characteristic group SGT_SAP-C (Characteristics for supply segmentation) with the relevant values INTC (Internet channel) and NONC (Non internet channel) and released.Characteristic in SAP menu path Cross application components->Classification system->Master data->Characteristics (CT04) as below

2. Segmentation strategy SALESCHA is created next with segmentation structure CHAN as in SAP menu path Logistics->Central functions->Segmentation->Segmentation structure maintenance (SGTS)

3. Segment combinations and stock segments are maintained in SAP menu path Logistics->Central functions->Segmentation->Segmentation strategy maintenance (SGTC) as below

4. Material master is then set with segmentation structure & segmentation strategy in ‘Basic data 2’ view and Stock segments (Characteristic values) in ‘Stock valuation data’ as shown below.

Stock segments then must be selected for initial stock posting , otherwise the error message appears as depicted below.

Hope , it will help you to set up Segmentation in AATP of S/4HANA 1709 release.


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  1. Aleksandr Kharitonov

    Hi Mrinal,


    Thank you for sharing this example! I have a question on the stock valuation screenshot – how do you access this screen?


    Also does stock segmentation only works with generic materials, or it is also possible to segment stock for single materials?

    1. Aleksandr Kharitonov

      Also is it possible to maintain several stock segments in a single position of inbound PO? For example, we ordered 100 pieces, 50 for internet channel and 50 for non-internet channel. Or is it mandatory to split position of PO in 2 in this case?

      1. Mrinal Kanti Roy Post author

        Yes, it is possible to create a single PO with 2 line items for 2 different segments . Tab for ‘Segment valuation data’ is at the last in material master after ‘WM packaging’.

  2. Prasnop ?

    Hi Mrinal,

    Could you please suggest what are all the fields do we need to select under the filed selection tab, Is it required to select all or just need to select as we wish under the Field selection screen?

    What values do we need to specify under From /To area in the Determine Work Area Entry?

    I am unable to execute this step due to some unclear how to set up this 1709, Can you please suggest how to set up this step?


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