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Experience Data Preparation Freedom with SAP Agile Data Preparation


What is SAP Agile Data Preparation


SAP Agile Data Preparation is an on-premise or cloud deployed self-service data preparation application designed to transform your data from a rough standing capture to a cleansed and insightful data set ready to plug and play for deep dive analytics. Here’s a Quick Video of what I’m talking about and here is a link to our Solution Brief for a more in depth overview of capabilities. Additionally, below, are key features that I’d like to highlight and breakdown for simplicity! 🥇


Data Quality and Exploration Features:

Not only does SAP Agile Data Preparation offer a beautiful self-service user interface and experience, but also provides extensive and powerful data quality and exploration tools. That being said, lets jump right in! SAP gives business users access to profile data that contains information such as the percentage of blanks, zeros or null. With an instant click of a button, SAP Agile Data Preparation can automatically discover and highlight relationships between data, easily find data quality issues and report these issues to the user for action using data functional dependencies.

On the right-hand side of the tool, there is a panel called “The Action Suggestions”. This is a way to understand potential data quality issues like deduplication of entries or location validation by having a list of recommendations to improve your data. Small data quality actions are often overlooked or forgotten. SAP’s Agile Data Preparation tool has this in mind and recommends Data Quality actions based on your specific data set.

SAP offers the ability to define data quality scorecard sets. These are scorecards across potentially multiple data domains, that can be scheduled for evaluation wherever you see most appropriate in your organization. The evaluation of the scorecard sets produces reports that can be collaboratively debriefed and shared as dashboards. Once confident in your data you can easily travel and explore through the insights delivered right here without having to leave the application. Below is an example screenshot of this. 😎



Below is a picture of how SAP Agile Data Preparation looks referencing some of the data quality features mentioned above. Notice the panel on the right showcasing the data quality action suggestions list. Each column can be analyzed and report information such as the percentage of blanks, zeros or null. Once an action is executed, you’ll find a full history list of actions on the bottom right hand side. This will also show who preformed the action even if it wasn’t you and provides the option to undo an action. 



Sharing and Collaboration:

Now that Data Quality is taken care of and you are confident with your current data state, you’re going to want to do something with it. Once your data is cleansed you may need multiple users to work on a single data set to contribute their insight. Projects that contain data preparation workflows and access to data can be shared to other users or groups within your organization. When sharing a project, all users can see and filter everyone’s actions to refine the data. All the rules that data stewards define can be exported to a central and managed repository. Since these are all in one central and shared location, other data stewards within your organization can reuse existing rules to directly integrate as part of their new project!💥 This releases weight off IT and Data Stewards that are constantly defining the same rules over and over. Instead, you’ll start to contribute to a shared library of common rules that your organization uses regularly!


Below is a picture of where your data sources can be pulled into SAP Agile Data Preparation. These are also collaborated sources within your organization. One can import from one shared source, work, then send back for others to use.




Why Choose SAP Agile Data Preparation


It’s no question that there are many data preparation options out there, but really, it’s difficult to know what you really need, how much you need and what does some of this even do for me and my business.

Let’s try to break this down.

I’ll start off by sharing a business transformation story that we just recently finished with “McKesson”. For those that are not familiar with McKesson, they are one of the world’s largest prescription medicine distributers. In fact, One-third of all prescription medicine in North America is delivered by McKesson. Below are a couple of accomplishments that McKesson has achieved while investing in SAP Agile Data Preparation.


Quick Facts on McKesson

  • >2 million Customers each day in
    13 countries across Europe are served by McKesson
  • >15,000* Owned and banner McKesson pharmacies


McKesson’s Accomplishments with SAP Agile Data Preparation

  • >97% Less time needed for data preparation tasks (from ~30 days to 2–4 hours)
  • ~30,000 Supplier records consolidated and managed through SAP Agile Data Preparation
  • ~50 Fewer resources required for a major vendor account (from 5 down to 2–3 employees)
  • 2 Months to get SAP Agile Data Preparation up and running – from development to production, deployment, and training

McKesson models data excellence and has cut time, weight and empowered its business users with just a simple data preparation solution. You too, can follow this model. See below to learn how to start!

Link to McKesson Full Story


How do I Get Started with SAP Agile Data Preparation


All SAP HANA Enterprise Edition users, already carry 5 seats for SAP Agile Data Preparation. That means if you have SAP HANA Enterprise Edition running in your landscape you have access to SAP Agile Data Preparation.

Get started now! Here are the configuration videos for you to get started TODAY!

Pre Req’s & ADP Install

ADP Post Config

SAP Agile Data Preparation is powered by SAP HANA so that is a prerequisite to data preparation freedom. Hereyou can find an educational video series on demos and step by step direction to maneuver your way through the application.

If you are not an SAP HANA customer and would like to learn more about pricing and bundling you can find all that information here and we will be with you ASAP! ⚡️

I’ve referenced many different assets that are quite useful and informative throughout this blog. To simplify, I’ve pasted them all below. Finally, don’t forget to REGISTER for our WEBINAR on SAP Agile Data Preparation on September 19th!

Please leave comments below if you have any questions and thanks for reading! ⭐️

(Please contact your AE for clarification and more information regarding your specific licenses.) 👩‍💼


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