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Employee Central – Employee Delta Export Microsoft Excel Add- In

It’s often a challenge to view the latest changes done in the employee Records. Employee central “Employee delta Export Tool Microsoft excel Add in” can be used to show before & after snapshot of edited data in the excel sheet.This tool is very powerful, handy & easy to implement that can be used to capture the new Hires, Data changes, Rehires & Deleted data.

To enable Employee delta export tool for Microsoft excel following steps need to be performed—

  1. Role based Permissions

Following permissions are required to retrieve the data from backend. Admin user should be created & should have the below permissions

  • Manage System Properties –> Pick list Management and Pick lists Mappings Set Up
  • General User Permission –>SFAPI User Login
  • Employee Central API –>Employee Central Foundation SOAP API, Employee Central HRIS SOAP API
  • Employee Central Foundation OData API
  • Employee Central HRIS OData API
  • Manage Integration Tools
  • Admin access to OData API
  • Manage Employee Delta Exporting Templates

2  Install the Add-in

Once the Permissions are added to the role go to Action search –> Employee delta Export.

Install the Excel Add-in on your computer.



Once the Excel Add In in installed the Multi-sheet report will look like as follows—

Enter the Report Start date , Time & Legal Entity etc. as a filter.

3. Define the URL

Go To Systems Sheet & define the URL as follows, Also enter the company Id & User Name.

4. Run Report – Once the URL is set up Report is ready to run. Go to SuccessFactors –>Get Data


Following screen will appear. Enter the password

Report will get executed & pull the records as per the selection criteria & populate data in the template.

 Example – Address

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      Author's profile photo Naaz Fatima Syed
      Naaz Fatima Syed

      Thanks for sharing ?


      Author's profile photo vidushi kaushal
      vidushi kaushal
      Blog Post Author



      Author's profile photo Kathy Scott
      Kathy Scott

      Vidushi, can you provide more details on setting up the URL? I have this pointed to the URL for my company's production instance of SuccessFactors and have triple checked permissions and have not been successful in logging in.

      Author's profile photo vidushi kaushal
      vidushi kaushal
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Kathy,

      Sorry for late reply. Are you getting any error? if so please share the screen shot.


      Thanks & Regards





      Author's profile photo Hamish Ahern
      Hamish Ahern

      Note: you *MUST* also set the filters for Period Start Date and Period End Date too on the Selection tab, otherwise you will not get the effective dated records for Pay Comp Recurring.

      Period Start Date 1/09/2019
      Period End Date 31/12/2021
      Author's profile photo Hamish Ahern
      Hamish Ahern

      unhide rows 1 and 2, and if you want to see the persons first name and last name even if they are starting in the future:  (otherwise the name will be blank)   I am not sure why SAP didn’t do this by default.

      change all sheets that have the first_name and last_name like this, otherwise you will not see who it is that is starting or terminating in the future effective date:

      personal_information[start_date <= ‘%Now%’ && (end_date >= ‘%Now%’ || not(end_date))]/first_name


      personal_information[(end_date >= ‘%Now%’ || not(end_date))]/first_name

      all you do is take out the start date filter portion.

      Author's profile photo shahi niket narayan
      shahi niket narayan

      Hi Vidushi,

      Thanks for sharing, i just analyzed that this only work for the USER who has Login Method as PWD, for SSO it doesn't works, can you please tell where i am missing or if any additional permissions needs to be granted?



      Author's profile photo vidushi kaushal
      vidushi kaushal
      Blog Post Author

      HI Shahi,

      Sorry for delay,it works with LoginMethod as SSO. You should have an API User cretaed with password to extract data from Employee Central.





      Author's profile photo Charlson Lee
      Charlson Lee

      Hi Vidushi,

      I hope you are still monitoring this blog. Can you advise on what the problem might be when it says that the backend server did not respond in time? Clicking yes in the error below shows a log in screen with api keys and not the credentials dialog that is on the blog. Thanks in advance.





      Author's profile photo Kelly Sherwood
      Kelly Sherwood


      We are currently using the Delta report for payroll processing but I have noticed that when you use the period start and end dates, it still pulls in the future dated hires outside of this period.  Although it only show the DOB and NI and email as these are non dated sections.  This issue is when the new hire falls in the period start and end date, it does not then show the new hire on the New Tab, as the report sees that it was already reported on in the last delta report.  This is causing issues with payroll.  The Delta manual explains how it should work but the actual report is working differently.  I have contacted SAP and they said this is how it works and there is nothing they can do.

      Please can I ask has anyone experienced the same issue and have they found a workaround?

      Kind regards