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Employee Central – Employee Delta Export Microsoft Excel Add- In

It’s often a challenge to view the latest changes done in the employee Records. Employee central “Employee delta Export Tool Microsoft excel Add in” can be used to show before & after snapshot of edited data in the excel sheet.This tool is very powerful, handy & easy to implement that can be used to capture the new Hires, Data changes, Rehires & Deleted data.

To enable Employee delta export tool for Microsoft excel following steps need to be performed—

  1. Role based Permissions

Following permissions are required to retrieve the data from backend. Admin user should be created & should have the below permissions

  • Manage System Properties –> Pick list Management and Pick lists Mappings Set Up
  • General User Permission –>SFAPI User Login
  • Employee Central API –>Employee Central Foundation SOAP API, Employee Central HRIS SOAP API
  • Employee Central Foundation OData API
  • Employee Central HRIS OData API
  • Manage Integration Tools
  • Admin access to OData API
  • Manage Employee Delta Exporting Templates

2  Install the Add-in

Once the Permissions are added to the role go to Action search –> Employee delta Export.

Install the Excel Add-in on your computer.



Once the Excel Add In in installed the Multi-sheet report will look like as follows—

Enter the Report Start date , Time & Legal Entity etc. as a filter.

3. Define the URL

Go To Systems Sheet & define the URL as follows, Also enter the company Id & User Name.

4. Run Report – Once the URL is set up Report is ready to run. Go to SuccessFactors –>Get Data


Following screen will appear. Enter the password

Report will get executed & pull the records as per the selection criteria & populate data in the template.

 Example – Address

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