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SAP Cloud Integration – OData V2 Function Import


SAP Cloud Integration version 2.44.x comes with enhancement in OData V2 receiver adapter with support of Function Import. For more information on function import (also termed as Service Operation in OData V2) can be found in

This blog describes on how to make use of this enhancement.

Function Import Enhancement

The support for function import has been added as an operation in the OData V2 receiver adapter/connector and in the Query Modeler/Wizard.

Consider a sample integration flow as below, with which usage of function import is described.


In the adapter properties, you can observe the Function Import operation in Operation Details.


If you have a working URL of function import, you can select this operation and provide the function name in Resource Path and the parameters information in Query Options field.

If you are not aware of the function name of the OData V2 service endpoint, you can make use of Query Modeler/Wizard.

Click on Select button, which opens the wizard. The first screen pre-populates the connectivity information.



Click on ‘Step 2’ button.

In the next screen, select Function Import in operation and click on search icon/key in the function name text field, it will list the available function imports of the OData V2 service as shown in below screenshot.



After selecting the function import, table will be populated with parameters name which will be required to invoke the function.

If a function import is of method GET and returns entity or collection of entity, the wizard will list all the fields of that entity. You can select the individual fields. Also, you can construct filter and sorting queries along with top and skip.

Click on finish button, the constructed query will be put on to the OData V2 adapter’s properties.


Deploy the integration flow project and you can examine the output of function import in the SFTP receiver (as modeled in the sample integration flow project) or you can use the result of function import in the next subsequent flow steps.


  1. As of now, we support the function import with the return type entity or collection of entities. If function import returns complex/collection of complex or primitive/collection of primitive type or void, are not supported.
  2. The support for Function Import in SuccessFactors OData V2 adapter is not available and is work in progress.
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  • Hi Deepak,

    It's good to know that Function Import will be released for CPI adapter. With your blog it's clear how it will work.

    I have searched on, but I could see just the last release on August 11th (version 2.43.11).

    Do you have the release date for 2.44? We are needing this update for our customer.


    Bruno Ambrozio

    • Hi Jean,

      I recommend that you first capture information of your parameters coming from file or input service in headers or properties (via content modifier or script step before the OData adapter/connector step) and then use the headers or properties in the function import parameters.




  • Hi Deepak - Does this support i.e. Function Import and to be specific on Position Object any effective date query parameter i.e. asOfDate or effectiveEndDate to retrieve future dated records?