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SAP Technology Ambassadors Program

I’m happy to share that we’ve recently launched a new program: SAP Technology Ambassadors.  

Experts in their fields, the SAP Technology Ambassadors are SAP employees from different locations representing SAP to the outside world and are available to speak at events about various SAP technologies and strategies.  

An SAP Technology Ambassador is: 

  • A go-to person with in-depth knowledge about his or her respective technology focus area 
  • Able to clearly enrich/inform others in using SAP technology in a variety of media and channels  
  • A passionate advocate for their technology focus area   

By offering access to these experts, the program is a fantastic source for: 

  • Identifying opportunities: The program holds a database of worldwide SAP-related events with potential speaking opportunities for the SAP Technology Ambassadors. Event organizers can request a speaker from the program’s manager, who will then make the needed connection with the relevant SAP Technology ambassador.
  • Training: The program offers the SAP Technology Ambassadors a series of optional training sessions from top-notch experts focusing on enhancing speaking and communications skills.
  • Networking: SAP Technology Ambassadors share among themselves information and connections targeting the enablement of speaking opportunities and other ways for self-development.  
  • Giving recognition: SAP Technology Ambassadors are publicly recognized as experts in their fields. This supports both their personal growth but also enables them to extend the impact of the program. They also take part in different unique/public activities that help them establish their reputation.  
  • Providing feedback: The SAP Technology Ambassadors receive feedback that helps them enhance their presentation skills and amplify their presentations/session. 


Got an interesting speaking opportunity in mind? Want to see the list of the SAP Technology Ambassadors that includes locations and topics? Want to learn more about the program? Please visit this page. 




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  • Hey Moshe,

    there once was a "HANA Ambassadors Program", I think?!

    Is this still running, is it somehow related?

    Are there maybe more "SAP Ambassadors Programs" ?

    (I'm trying to get the bigger picture here).


    • Hi Joachim,

      I’ve also heard of the SAP HANA Ambassadors program and other Ambassadors program within SAP. Each program has it’s own goals and focus. We are an independent program however I’m looking into different ways to collaborate with other programs when it will be relevant.




  • Congrats on the launch of the SAP Technology Ambassadors program, Moshe! Congrats to the Ambassadors as well.

    Glad to see so many familiar faces and some of SAP’s most passionate and generous thought leaders ready and willing to share their time and knowledge.