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Conversion of Behaviour ratings to Overall Form Rating


There is a requirement from client asking the possibility to convert Behaviour Rating of competency to Overall Form Rating for calculations.  When we check the feasibility, Behaviour Rating has 2 rating scale whereas Overall Form Rating has 5 point scale.  After thorough understanding, we could able to map competency Behaviour rating to Overall Form Rating.

I would like to explain here on how the system calculates PM Form Rating in case of conversion or rating scale as mentioned above.

Let us take below example

There two weightages given to form – 50% weightage on Goal Section  which is with 5 point rating scale and 50% weightage on competency behaviour rating which is with 2 point rating scale

How can we achieve this scenario?

To achieve this scenario, we need to have the following prerequisites.

  • Behaviour mapping in competency – Assign behaviour to competency from Manage Competencies as per below screenshot

  • Create rating scale with 2 point ratings

  • Map Rating scale in competency section of PM Form in Manager Templates

  • You need to make the following selection to show behaviours and its rating options for Employee and his Manager (E & EM) in Manage Templates


  • Configure adjusted rating scale in Manage Template through General Settings -> Show Advanced Options -> on Scale Adjusted Calculation
  • Configure a range of 5 point rating scale


How the system calculates behaviour rating?

While rating on behaviors, the system gives a calculated rating for each competency by the following method:


Behavior 1 = Yes (2)

Behavior 2 = No (1)

Behavior 3 = Yes (2)

Calculated Rating: 5/3 = 1.67

Competency 2:

Behavior 4 = Yes (2)

Behavior 5 = No (1)

Calculated Rating: 3/2 = 1.5


Note: Calculated Rating will be read-only and cannot be hidden.



Overall Competency Score in Summary Section

Average of competency 1 and competency 2 = (1.67+1.5)/2 = 1.59


  • Goals are already on 5-point scale: Score of Goals = 3, section weight = 50%
    • No conversion required for Goals Rating


  • Score of Overall Competency = 1.59, Section weight =50%
    • The conversion required from a 2-point rating scale of competency to score of 5-point scale score

Conversion Formula

(((score – original min)/(Original max- Original Min))*(new max- new min))+new min

Competency Rating conversion à (((1.59-1)/(2-1))*(5-1))+1 = 3.36

Calculation of Section Weightages for Goals and Competencies scores

Goals à(3*50%) = 1.5

Competency à(3.36*50%) = 1.68

Performance Form Calculated Rating on a 5-point scale

Performance Form Rating:  1.5 + 1.68 = 3.18


Map 3.18 in adjusted calculated rating scale configured in Pre-requisite section àpoint 5 above


This might have already been discussed in many conversations and forums. But, i still feel to express this solution here for beginners.

The following are few limitations :


  • Visibility control of Calculated Rating of each competency in Competency Section is not possible
  • Visibility control of itemized Competency or Goals part in a Summary section is not possible.


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