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Today we faced a request to open a new 40 suppliers’ cards with their details; State, Country, Email, Contact Reference, …

To achieve such an issue, we have to import the data to two tables; OCRD (Business Partner Master Data), OCPR (Contact Employee),

For the contact reference we’ll use the template OCPR, as showing in the following table;

What’s related to the Main details of the Vendors,


Vendor Group

Check if there’s an existing group to that vendor or open a new one to put the supplier inside it,

Modules > Administration > Setup > Business Partners > Vendor Groups.

After that, check the internal code of that Vendor Group via the Query Generator with the table OCRG

Tools > Queries > Query Generator


Business Partners Properties

If do you want some more classifications inside of your group, you may use the Business Partners Properties,

Modules > Administration > Setup > Business Partners > Business Partners Properties

You may check the properties from the table


Accounts Payable

In the Business Partner Master Data > Accounting Tab, we should define the Accounts Payable from the CoA associated table OACT, if we didn’t define the account in the file that we’re using in the DTW file, we’ll get this error message from DTW;

From where we can get this code? If we typed the account code that’s existed in the CoA it won’t work, getting this error;

to get the right code to be used in the DTW file, we have to use the internal code of the account that being stored in the database and begin with SYS_

to obtain it, from Query Generator, use the table OACT, and choose the two columns [ActId] [AcctCode] to get the information, this code changes from one company database to another,



For the Vendor Card Currency, if you want to define a specific currency just time its symbol e.g. USD, AUD, GBP, … or if you want to define it as all currencies, just put in the currency field column ##


Payment Terms

To associate the Vendor with specific payment term e.g. Cash, Payable on the 15th of the current month, … from the table OCTG you can know the code of the payment term to be used in the file,

GroupNum (Group Number), PymntGroup (Payment Terms Code)


Business Partner Type

Choose cSupplier for the type of the business partner in the file, as well we’re importing vendors, when importing customers define it as cCustomer,

After finishing all previous required data, we have now two files to be imported via DTW; OCRD (Business Partner Master Data), OCPR (Contact Employee),

We have not to forget to save the file with CSV (Comma Delimited) form,

Regarding we’re creating new cards for the vendors, first import the

OCRD as Creating New Data, then OCPR as Update Existing Data,

Importing OCRD as Creating New Data,

When importing OCPR as Update Existing Data, just in the second step, we’re choosing Update Existing Data, then in the forth step, select the third option and attach the file of the OCPR (Contact Employee),

And we’re all done 🙂


Hope this helps,

to review the complete documentation;

Import Bulk Suppliers via DTW in SAP Business One 9.2

for your inquiries and suggestions, please feel free to reach me out,


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