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How to change “KeyText” display position in Analysis for Excel (AFO)

This is my first blog so pardon me for silly mistakes if I have made any 🙂


Many times users want to change the position of “Key and Text” position in Analysis for Excel. There could be different reasons behind that, for example:

  1. Sorting the characteristics, based on alphabetical order
  2. The presentation does not look good
  3. You want to see the “Text” first and “Key” in the second place
  4. Easy to identify the characteristic being alphabetical sorted

There can be more, right now I can only think of those

Of course, there is a search option available which users can use but this is a bonus 😀

The default settings look like below; when you enable “Show Technical Names” under “Display” option of Analysis tab

Solution Approach

Steps to change the KeyText position:

1. Navigate to “File” Menu of Excel

2. Click on “Analysis” option

3. Click on “Customize Analysis” and choose “Technical configuration”

4. Scroll down until you reach to “KeyTextDisplay” option

5. Change the text on the right-hand side from “KeyText” to “TextKey”, after the change press “Esc” on your keyboard to go back to your result set or use the “Back arrow” sign on top of “Analysis” option, see step 2

6. After the change, the Characteristics will be sorted automatically in alphabetical order


!This setting is case sensitive. If you write “TextKey” in small letters, the display of characteristics will not change.

AFO Version Used: 2.6


Happy learning 🙂

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